Gosper County courthouse

DAWSON COUNTY — COVID-19 continues its inextricable spread across the region as seven new cases were reported to Two Rivers Public Health Department on Tuesday July 28 including new cases in Gosper and Dawson County.

New cases confirmed by Two Rivers include the following counties,

  • Buffalo – 4
  • Dawson – 1
  • Gosper – 1
  • Kearney – 1

Gosper County had gone multiple weeks without recording a new case, but with the discovery of one on Tuesday, the county has now recorded a total of 14 cases and no deaths.

In the past two weeks, Dawson County has seen an uptick in cases and recorded 41 new cases. This now puts the total for the county at 917, there have also been nine deaths in the county due to the virus.

According to information from Gothenburg Health, the recent rise in COVID-19 cases in Dawson County has been centered in the Gothenburg community and there has been a, “significant increase,” of people who wanted to be tested due to possible exposure.

Neighboring Buffalo County has seen an even greater increase with 76 new cases in the past 14 days, contributing to a growing total of 293 cases overall. There has been one death in the county.

Areas like Omaha and Lincoln continue to see a steady stream of new cases.

Douglas County is nearing 10,000 total cases as 1,551 new cases were found in the last two weeks. The current overall number of cases has reached 9,810, there have been 124 deaths.

The Douglas County Board of Health voted unanimously on Monday to support a mask mandate.

Lancaster County has recorded 656 cases in the past 14 days, adding to the total number of cases, which now numbers 2,871. There have been 14 deaths throughout the county.

The total number of cases throughout Nebraska has now reached 25,157, there have been 321 deaths across the state due to the virus.

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