City Council approves Viaero Wireless

The Viaero Wireless location along 24th St. in Kearney. The Lexington location will feature a monopole tower and several suites in the building.

LEXINGTON — Viaero Wireless got the go ahead to build an 80 foot tall monopole communications tower, as well as a new store, at a location along Frontier St. and Plum Creek Parkway.

The Lexington city council met on Tuesday, June 23 and considered a conditional use permit by Viaero to build an 80 foot tower in the southwest corner of Frontier Road and Plum Creek Parkway. The site is zoned as C-3 Highway Commercial zone.

Development Services Director Bill Brecks said the location is the other part of the Scooter’s Coffee edition and the store will be to the south of the coffee shop.

For the city council’s reference, Brecks said the cell tower near Polk St. is 85 feet and the Thirsty’s sign is 75 feet tall. He did say this will not be a lattice pole construction, but a monopole.

Brecks said Viaero will also build a new store on the site, with extra suites for other businesses to move into.

It was mentioned by Assistant City Manager Dennis Burnside the Planning Commission had forwarded the permit to the council with their approval.

Viaero Site Acquisition Specialists Chris Riha was on hand to answer questions from the council.

Riha said the store could have up to three extra suites, but this will depend on the amount of parking and other economic development factors. The plans will include at least one extra suite.

When asked about other businesses moving into the suites, Riha said, given the location, he isn’t worried about those places filling up.

On the time frame, Riha said Viaero will try to expedite the paperwork with Scooter’s, but there are other approvals Viaero needs to acquire before fully moving ahead, said Riha.

It could take an architect around three to six months to fully draw up the plans for the location, Riha said. He expects construction to be completed sometime in 2021.

"I’ve wanted this lot for a long time," Riha said of the location.

During the voting, council member Steve Smith abstained, citing H.O. Smith is doing the title work for this transaction. This avoids a conflict of interest. The plan was approved by the rest of the council members.

The next item of business was a conditional use permit application by Valente and Miguel Pinedo for a family dwelling at 113 W. 5th St. Miguel Pinedo was present for the meeting.

Brecks said the site is the former Eagle’s Club and will be split down the middle, with one side containing a business, the other side an apartment.

Parking with this location is not an issue, a rarity in the downtown area, Brecks said, the site has two parking spaces behind the building, which is more than enough for the purposes of the building.

The Planning Commission had also forwarded the permit to the city council with their approval.

Pinedo spoke before the city council, saying his many family members are trying to collaborate to determine what the business will be and the dwelling space will be for the members who are managing the location.

The city council approved the family dwelling.

The last bit of business was reappointing the city manager and setting a salary.

The council reappointed Joe Pepplitsch as the Lexington city manager and set his salary to be $130,500.00 per year.

"You are doing a good job Joe," Mayor John Fagot said to Pepplitsch.

During the roundtable discussion Pepplitsch mentioned several projects which will be taking place in Lexington, including water projects on Airport Road, Cattlemans Dr. and 13th St.

Some other upcoming council business will involve the housing project along Taft St. which is being done by Kansas based Prairie Fire Development Ground.

Pepplitsch also said at the council work session in July, the budget will be one of the discussion topics.

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