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    I feel extremely fortunate after this 2019 severe weather season. On May 17 I fulfilled a goal I have been pursuing since I was a child, I witnessed a tornado on the ground. As a bonus it was in Dawson County, my territory as a newspaper reporter.

      I will fully admit, I had all but written off the 2019 severe weather season. My mind was more on Husker football than it was on severe weather on Thursday, Aug. 29. Yet weather never ceases to surprise me…or humble me.

        After receiving a battering on Sunday night from 80 mph winds which caused damage throughout Cozad, the community was treated to a serene sunset on Tuesday evening as storm clouds lingered in the area.

          The afternoon of June 6 was hot, muggy and atmospherically unstable, with CAPE values reaching around 1,500 j/kg. A low pressure system far in the south help to initiate scattered thunderstorms around 3 p.m.