The crows nest at Dawson County Raceway, where flagmen will direct the action for the 2020 racing season.  Races begin on Sunday, August 2 at 6 p.m.  Gates open and tickets go on sale at 4 p.m.

Interview with promoter Chad Dolan explains what fans can expect at the track in 2020

LEXINGTON – The Dawson County Raceway is set to begin their fast and furious season with a fast and furious schedule. Due to the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic many gatherings have been impaired, including race tracks, but with directed health measures lifting in Nebraska the Lexington track is planning on making the most of the season with races every Sunday in the month of August.

DCR promoter Chad Dolan agreed to interview with the Clipper-Herald about what racers and fans can expect at the track this August. Among those expectations, some changes will be noticed.

“We put 18 inches of new surface on the race track with the help of Platte Valley Excavation and Paulson Inc.,” Dolan began of the new changes at the Dawson County Raceway. “We’ve got new ticket shacks compliments of Morton Buildings in Kearney and we’ve added to the facility to accommodate more advertising banners as well as some changes to help with compliance for directed health measures.”

Racers will notice a new surface on the track while fans will hopefully look forward to a little less dust in the air as the cars roar by the grandstands.

“There’s a whole new surface on the race track,” Dolan said specifically of the track. “We added black dirt. We’re hoping it’ll cut down on dust and make the track easier to prepare. It hasn’t had that kind of material put on it in years, it was time to put in some effort and it was time to profile the track and give it a facelift.”

Dolan introduced a variety of peripheral entertainment last season. He assures fans that he and his partners will not disappoint in that department in 2020.

“To be honest, we’ve got so many things put together for 2020 that’ll be great for the fans,” Dolan ensured. “We’re starting out with our NAPA night and there’s going to be so many giveaways and prizes for the fans. We’re going to have the 100 hotdogs and 100 cokes for the first 100 fans in the stands, we’ll have flat-screen televisions given away the first night and bicycles; tons of giveaways. Our back-to-school night’s going to be bigger than it was last year with 450 backpacks filled with school supplies.”

Indications from Dolan suggest a greater payout for giveaways and racers, even with a smaller schedule.

“Really, we’ve put together five hardcore nights of racing that are all big shows,” said Dolan. “While we’re limited on how many events we’re having, there will be a lot more going on and a lot more giveaways. Add the variety of cars we’re having, I’m expecting between 100 and 120 cars on opening night. For the racers, we’ve moved the pay around and added to it. We’ve had a lot of businesses and sponsors in Dawson County and the surrounding areas really step up and help us out this year.”

As for the pandemic related changes, Dolan hopes to accommodate all fans while complying with directed health measures.

“We’re in phase three in Nebraska,” Dolan pointed out. “The things you’re going to see with regard to that will be a vendor selling masks if anyone wants them, or they can bring their own. Masks aren’t mandatory but if it makes people feel more comfortable to wear them I encourage it. There will also be hand sanitizer available.”

Dolan made sure to convey that he welcomes all fans but ultimately wants people to feel comfortable in this strange time.

“It’s an ‘enter at your own risk’ policy,” Dolan clarified. “There’s no way to solve the problem, 100 percent. If you’re comfortable coming and enjoying the races you can, if you’re concerned about your health or don’t feel good I would encourage you to wait until things are at a place where you feel comfortable going. I will do what I can to make it as safe as possible for spectators.”

Ticket prices are $12 for Adults, Children 12 and under are $5 and tikes under five-years-old are free. Pit passes will be available this year for $30 dollars for adults while kids 10 and under are $10. There will be overflow parking north of the regular lot with traffic directed by Dawson County Sheriff’s Office. Concessions will be open and in compliance with directed health measures. Changes to the menu include no sunflower seeds and no peanuts.

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