COZAD — It soon will be lights, camera, action at Cozad’s Fox Theater, being built in the historic Allen’s Opera House and the 100th Meridian community got a chance to meet the group which will operate the theater and to get a glimpse of the future layout.

Stuart Fox, Tania Kreitman, Penny Goodman and Gordon Goodman, were all present at the Cozad Elks Club for a business after hours to welcome them to Cozad.

Fox is the owner of the Tiffany Theater in Broken Bow, which has been operating in the northern Nebraska community since 1916. Fox has been operating the theater for more than 15 years.

Kreitman is the theater manager. The Goodmans are partners with Fox in the Tiffany Theater operation. Gordon Goodman is also the superintendent of Ansley Public School.

Demolition and construction work is currently being done to the former opera house to facilitate the three screen theater. The public got an idea of what the inside of the theater would look like during the event.

Fox said the reception they were given by Cozad was, “beyond expectations,” and called the amount of people who turned out amazing.

The theater will feature state of the art laser projection and sound equipment. Fox said laser projection is an emerging technology in movie projection which allows for more vivid colors. He added not many theaters in Nebraska are equipped this way.

The Fox Theater will be open seven days a week with multiple show times on Friday, Saturday and Sundays. Fox said the types of movies shown will include, “the full gamut,” and will feature everything from family friendly to more mature titles.

Admission prices have yet to be set, but Fox said they will be more affordable than going to a city for the movies. Concession prices will also be more affordable, he said this is one area which prices can get high.

At the moment, the opening date for the theater is scheduled for mid-July, but is dependent on several variables, Fox said.

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