LEXINGTON — For three sisters it’s not just about the thrift store business, but helping those in the community who are in need of clothing  who cannot afford it anywhere else.

Ruby-Camilla-Angie, or RCA for short, is a new thrift and clothing store which opened at 115 E. 6th St. in Lexington around a month ago. The store is operated by sisters Ruby Quintana, Angie Garza and Camilla Quintana.

“We wanted to open a business for a while,” Ruby said, “we saw the (clothing) prices around town and we wanted to help the people who can’t afford that clothing.”

The sisters had considered opening a thrift store in Kearney, but decided on Lexington, noting the lack of thrift stores in the smaller community.

The clothing prices in the store are aimed at those who struggle to afford clothing prices in other locations. Prices ranged from 99 cents up to $19.99.

Clothing items range from jeans, shoes, shirts, jewelry, etc. Women’s, men’s and children’s items are all carried.

Ruby said the clothing is lightly used and comes from their large extended family. Between Ruby and Angie, they have 31 grandchildren. “We have a big family,” they commented.

This isn’t the only source of their clothing stock, the sisters are on the lookout for used items and Camilla, who lives in Texas, often travels back and forth with clothing deals she finds in the Longhorn state.

Angie said the store does carry several name brand items.

The biggest demand for the store is for jeans and men’s clothing, which the sisters are working on to expand their stock. People also want clothes appropriate for church, such as skirts. Shoes are always in demand and RCA has a selection to choose from.

If someone comes in and has problems affording some of the items in store, the sisters are willing to lower prices in order to get clothes on people’s backs.

“I know the feeling,” Ruby said of having issues affording clothes, “we are not trying to get rich, we are just trying to help.”

Of RCA, the store and the sisters, Ruby and Angie said they want people to know they are friendly and rarely greet people from behind the counter. They plan on adding a section for children to color, draw, etc. so the parents can shop.

“Just come in and check it out,” Ruby said, “Check out our prices, they are decent.”

RCA is on Facebook, under the name “RCA Garza,” they post photos of their clothing collection, and some of the items are modeled by their family members.

RCA is opened from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

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