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Dawson County 2020 General Election Results

Dawson County 2020 General Election Results

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DAWSON COUNTY —  Voters in Dawson County who hadn’t voted early took to the polls on Tuesday to vote for a variety of issues including local positions and several state wide issues.

In local races, Rod Reynolds will now represent district five of Dawson County on the board of commissioners after beating incumbent Butch Hagan during the May primary.

Voters chose to elect Jana Hoos, Rachel Hrasky and Jennifer Anderson to the Sumner-Eddyville-Miller School Board.

To represent the west ward on the Cozad City Council, voters chose Torrey Kloppenborg over Debra McArdle.

In a similar situation J. Buddenberg was chosen over William Rahjes to represent the east ward on the Gothenburg City Council.

To represent the village of Farnam, Michal Russman, Darla Lungrin and Cory Heath were voted in.

Over in Overton, Ron Davey, Howard Roth and Jeremy Shubert were chosen by voters.

To the north, in Sumner, Eddy Dean Nichols, Cale Eacker and Troy Ross were picked.

For the first proposed amendment, which would remove slavery as a crime from the state constitution. Since 1875, the Nebraska Constitution has prohibited slavery and involuntary servitude, expect as a punishment for those convicted of crimes.

Overall, 56 percent of Dawson County voters approved removing the clause, while 43 percent voted not to. The amendment was approved on the state level, 68 percent voted to remove slavery as punishment.

The second proposed amendment, would increase the repayment period for tax increment financing from 15 to 20 years for areas where more than one-half of properties are designated as extremely blighted.

There were 58 percent of Dawson County voters who approve, 41 percent who did not. This amendment passed on the state level, with 61 percent voting in favor.

Initiative 428, which could limit the annual interest charged for delayed deposit services, commonly known as payday lending, to 36 percent.

In Dawson County, 77 percent of the voters approved the cap, while 22 percent opposed it. Nebraska as a whole approved the amendment, with 82 percent voting in favor of the cap.

Initiatives 429, 430 and 431 would allow, authorize, regulate and tax gambling at licensed racetracks in the state.

For 429, 52 percent of Dawson County voters approved, 47 percent did not. For 430, 52 percent approved, 47 percent did not and for 431, 55 percent approved while 44 percent did not.

All three gambling initiatives passed on the state level by over 60 percent margin in all three cases.

President and Vice President

Rep. Trump/Pence: 6,487

Dem. Biden/Harris: 2,484

Lib. Jorgensen/Cohen: 156

Write-Ins: 13

United States Senator

Rep. Ben Sasse: 6,429

Dem. Chris Janicek: 1,819

Lib. Gene Siadek: 475

Write-Ins: 165

Congress Third District

Rep. Adrian Smith: 6,746

Dem. Mark Elworth Jr.: 1,937

Lib. Dustin Hobbs: 278

Write-Ins: 10

Commissioner District 1

Rep. E. Dean Kugler: 2,148

Write-Ins: 22

Commissioner District 4

Rep. P.J. Jacobson: 1,830

Write-Ins: 22

Commissioner District 5

Rep. Rod B. Reynolds: 952

Write-Ins: 42

Retain Judge Stine

Yes: 6,210

No: 1,397

Retain Judge Block

Yes: 6,113

No: 1,372

Retain Judge Steenburg

Yes: 6,179

No: 1,383

Retain Judge Turnbull

Yes: 6,179

No: 1,383

Central Community College District 2

Linda Heiden: 7,223

Write-Ins: 59

Central Community College at Large

Sam Cowman: 7,061

Write-Ins: 67

Central Platte NRD – Sub District 1

Jay Richeson: 4,381

Write-Ins: 25

Central Platte NRD – Sub District 2

Dwayne Margritz: 3,121

Write-Ins: 40

Central Platte NRD – Sub District 3

Marvion Reichert Jr.: 107

Write-Ins: 1

Custer Public Power District

Bradley Bartak: 2

Wayne Licking: 0

Write-Ins: 0

Dawson Public Power District Directors

Robert Kennicutt: 2,728

Write-Ins: 16

ESU 10 District 8

Teresa Osborn: 4,566

Write-Ins: 55

County Weed Board

Dean Brand: 5,611

Matt Hothem: 5,096

Lexington School Board

Carlos Saiz: 1,997

Larry Steinberger: 1,797

Cindy Benjamin: 1,888

Write-Ins: 46

Cozad School Board

Ann Burckholder: 1,503

Michele Starman: 1,366

Joel Carlson: 1,226

Gothenburg School Board

Becky Jobman: 1,478

Kyle Fornoff: 1,255

Kelly Terrell: 1,203

Write-Ins: 12

Overton School Board

Joel Meier: 422

Keith Rudeen: 362

Heather Brennan: 349

Sumner-Eddyville-Miller School Board

Jana Hoos: 236

Rachel Hrasky: 223

Jennifer Anderson: 135

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Kirby Burden: 128

Todd Ibach: 107

Brock Elsen: 100

Write-Ins: 4

Callaway School Board

Michael Reiff: 9

Rhonda Pandorf: 8

Jim Phelps: 8

Write-Ins: 0

Elm Creek School Board

Morgan Fouts: 8

J.C. Ourada: 8

Lynette Mitchell: 6

Ryan Harbur: 4

Suzanne Brodine: 0

Write-Ins: 0

Elwood School Board

Kelly Gydesen: 177

Bryant Knoerzer: 165

Nicholas Niemeier: 147

Write-Ins: 0

Eustis-Farnam School Board

Michael Oberg: 148

Jeffrey Loshonkohl: 142

Alan Smith: 126

Nick Toberer: 89

Write-Ins: 1

Lexington City Council

Dora Vivas: 1,586

Steve Smith: 1,348

Jeremy Roberts: 1,300

Write-Ins: 19

Cozad City Council East Ward

Ronald Olds: 667

Write-Ins: 6

Cozad City Council West Ward

Torrey Kloppenborg: 346

Debra McArdle: 323

Write-Ins: 1

Gothenburg City Council East Ward

J. Buddenberg: 400

William Rahjes: 374

Write-Ins: 2

Gothenburg City Council West Ward

Jeffrey Kennedy: 627

Write-Ins: 26

Lexington Airport

Dwayne Margirz: 1,680

C. Rex Adams: 1,511

Write-Ins: 22

Cozad Airport (Six year term)

Stephan Hanna: 1,302

Write-Ins: 5

Cozad Airport (Four year term)

Allison Donner: 1,363

Write-Ins: 5

Gothenburg Airport

Roger Tederman: 1,224

Lorie Hoesel: 847

Write-Ins: 7

Eddyville Village Board

Gary Rohde: 42

Sara Nichols: 28

Write-Ins: 1

Village of Farnam

Michal Russman: 65

Darla Lungrin: 58

Cory Heath: 40

Rebecca Tobin: 25

William Penton: 23

Write-Ins: 40

Village of Overton

Ron Davey: 154

Howard Roth: 117

Jeremy Shubert: 109

Rob Ecklund: 81

Robert Ditson: 73

Art Kiger: 71

Ray Maring: 30

Write-Ins: 0

Village of Sumner

Eddy Dean Nichols: 119

Cale Eacker: 95

Troy Ross: 71

Jeff Refior: 59

Write-Ins: 2

Proposed Amendment No. 1 (Remove Slavery as Punishment for Crime)

For: 4,544

Against: 3,508

Proposed Amendment No. 2 (Tax Increment Financing)

For: 4,621

Against: 3,234

Initiative Measure 428 (Payday Lender Interest Rate Cap)

For: 6,333

Against: 1,799

Initiative Measure 429 (Authorize Laws for Gambling at Racetracks)

For: 4,567

Against: 4,066

Initiative Measure 430 (Authorize Gambling at Racetracks)

For: 4,511

Against: 4,162

Initiative Measure 431 (Tax on Gambling at Racetracks)

For: 4,775

Against: 3,876

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