CNPPID greets lighthouse idea with enthusiasm Fundraising is the next step

CNPPID’s recreation committee voted unanimously Tuesday morning to recommend approval of a lighthouse at the entrance to Lakeview Acres on Johnson Lake south of Lexington. The one pictured is located at Mallard Cove. 

HOLDREGE – The recreation committee of Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District has given its unanimous blessing to a new lighthouse proposed at Johnson Lake.

Attending for CNPPID were committee chairman Ron Fowler and three fellow board members in addition to general manager Devin Brundage and district staff.

The committee’s vote on Tuesday, July 28 in Holdrege means the project will be recommended for approval by the full board.

Presenting the proposal for Johnson Lake’s lighthouse committee was Cinde Wendell. Wendell is a resident of Lakeview Acres where the scale model of a classic lighthouse will be installed if and when adequate funds are raised.

“The total project will probably be in excess of $10,000,” Wendell said earlier. “We are hoping to raise another $2,500 in addition to the pledged $2,500 from Johnson Lake Chamber of Commerce. The lighthouse will be approximately $4,600 if we can order it in the near future.”

CNPPID staff will prepare the site and build the tower’s base.

Larry Paulsen, owner of the adjacent marina and restaurant complex, has given permission to cross his property for access to the site.

The current plan, explained Wendell, will “mirror” the first lighthouse at Johnson Lake near Mallard Bay completed in 2018-19.

The structure will measure 12 feet in height, plus a 2-foot base made of the same poly material used at Mallard Cove.

The lighthouse, explained Wendell, will feature a solar light that will not flash out of consideration for nearby residents. Exact design has yet to be decided.

Goals include:

• Improve safety for boaters and anyone on the lake.

• Provide a landmark that is easily seen at a distance from many areas of the lake.

• Enhance and add uniqueness to the lake, jetty and marina area.

Next is to obtain funds adequate to complete the task. Donations made to either of the following will be appreciated.

·     Lexington Community Foundation, P.O. Box 422, Lexington, NE  68850 or online at (click the donation button and Johnson Lake Lighthouse Fund). The lighthouse will also be a part of the Lexington Community Foundation's "Give Big Lexington" on November 12.

·     Johnson Lake Chamber of Commerce, C/O Kathy Fowler, 29 Mallard Cove, Johnson Lake, NE  68937

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