Clipper-Herald readers have mixed feelings on the state’s drone sightings

While more Clipper-Herald readers say they are not worried about the recent drone sightings than those who are, questions linger as to who is behind all the recent unnamed activity in the Nebraska night sky.

LEXINGTON — Readers of the Lexington Clipper-Herald have mixed feelings on all the recent drone sightings throughout the state.

A poll posted on the Clipper-Herald’s social media pages and website asked the question, “Are you concerned about the mystery drones flying in the state?”

There were 439 people who responded, 191 people said they were concerned while 248 said they were not concerned.

Since mid-December, mystery drone sightings have popped up in both Colorado and Nebraska. The phenomenon seemed to spread eastward, with people reporting sightings of single drones or groups of drones, usually flying around during the evening.

The mystery surrounding the drones is there is no clear idea who or what is behind them.

State law enforcement and state representatives have even gotten involved trying to find out who is responsible for controlling these drones.

Congressman Adrian Smith said, “I have reached out to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) about finding the source of these unidentified drones and am concerned there seems to be no clear assessment of their source. We must protect the privacy and property rights of Nebraskans. I appreciate the work of federal, state, and local officials to address these concerns and encourage Nebraskans to promptly contact local law enforcement with detailed accounts of confirmed future sightings.”

Senator Deb Fischer said in a press release, “My staff and I are aware of the recent drone sightings. We have been in touch with the FAA, and are monitoring the situation closely. I encourage Nebraskans to notify their local law enforcement office of any additional sightings.”

Gov. Pete Ricketts made statements about the drones when callers into his monthly radio show asked about what could be done about the drone sightings.

On the show he advised there was no new information but warned against shooting down the drones.

Anyone who spots a drone is recommended to contact law enforcement about the location and timing of the sighting.

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