Possible manufacturing company coming to Gothenburg

Applicants are wanted for manufacturing positions for a company which may select Gothenburg as it’s new corporate headquarters.

GOTHENBURG — The community of Gothenburg has the opportunity to land a major manufacturer who would move into the old Baldwin Filter building and Dawson Area Development is looking for applicants.

Dawson Area Development Executive Director Andrea McClintic said Dawson County needs to prove it can provide the necessary workforce for the business, Gothenburg is one of the three final candidates this company is looking into.

McClintic said Monday she could not release the name of the company, as they would be moving their corporate headquarters if the move is finalized. She did say the company is comfortable with the building space and the community of Gothenburg. If the move takes place, over the next several years around 120 jobs could be added by this business, McClintic said.

The manufacturer company is offering competitive wages, a dollar more than similar manufacturing positions in the area, as well as benefits and “parent hours,” said McClintic, the company is family friendly and can allow employees to come into work after they drop their children off at school or daycare, and leave in order to pick them up.

Applications must be submitted in the next ten days, McClintic said, this will be the hiring pool the company looks at, they will not re-post these positions as they get closer to a launch period. If Gothenburg is selected, later this summer applicants will receive an email from the company president introducing himself and announcing screening interviews will be taking place, she said.

It is common for manufactures to use a blind hiring process, many work through hiring agencies, such as Associated Staffing. McClintic said for those hesitant about submitting an application to an unknown employer, they should still apply and find out if the company is a good fit for them. She stressed this is the hiring process this company will use and there will not be another chance to submit an application.

Similarly, McClintic said not everyone who applies this way will be hired by the company, but D.A.D welcomes as many applications as possible to show this company there is a workforce which could support them.

There are seven core positions the company needs to fill before they fully consider Gothenburg. This includes, equipment assembler, general laborer, machinist, maintenance technician, painter, welder/assembler and welder/mechanic.

The company will be hiring for other auxiliary positions related to the business if Gothenburg is selected, McClintic said, but the core positions need to be filled first.

Currently the company employs 85 people at their current location, including 50 manufacturing positions. The relocation process will take time to complete in full, up to several years, but if approved, the move will begin this fall. They expect to add at least 20 new people in the new operation with similar growth of employment the following year, McClintic said.

Applications and resumes can be submitted at www.gothenburgjobs.org, this is the only place applications for the manufacturer will be received, said McClintic.

For those who need help creating an effective resume, D.A.D is offering two sessions. McClintic said some people may not think they need to create a resume when applying for a general laborer position, but it is important for people to have a, “master document,” with their work experience so it is easier to fill out applications.

These resume sessions are open to anyone who is looking to improve their resume. These training sessions will take place on Wednesday, June 26 at Dawson Area Development and Monday, July 1 at the Gothenburg Library. Sessions will take place from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., 2 to 4 p.m. and 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. both evenings.

McClintic said the first 45 minutes of the presentation will be about crafting a resume and other application materials, during the rest of the time staff will be available to help one-on-one draft or review individual resumes. McClintic said if someone is more comfortable with a private appointment they can set one up with her by contact her at dawsonareadirector@gmail.com.

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