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LEXINGTON — A favorite café destination for many in the community is expanding their drinks menu this month, the location will be rolling out several brand new items.

Madeline’s Café and Bakery, located at 501 N. Washington St., will be adding several new drink items to their menu in February.

Madeline’s owner Mataya Schwarz said items will include sugar free chai, apple cider, French press coffee as well as more smoothie options.

Chai is a black tea drink which is mixed with Indian spices and herbs, the drink found its origins on the Indian subcontinent. The tea has earned worldwide popularity, and it’s a customer favorite at Madeline’s, so they’re excited to expand to a sugar-free option.

Madeline’s had offered Apple Cider in the autumn of 2019 for a limited time, and will now have it available all year.

French press coffee comes from brewing coarsely ground coffee in an empty beaker and adding hot water. A masher or piston is then pressed, to separate the grounds and hold them at the bottom of the beaker.

The longer the brewed coffee is allowed to remain in the beaker with the used grounds, the more astringent and bitter the taste, which many coffee drinkers find desirable. Customers will be able to brew it for however long they want, to get their desired coffee quality.

Schwarz said Madeline’s also offers different specialty latte flavors each month, so keep your eye out for that year-round.

With the new smoothie options, patrons will be able to pick a fruit, a drink base, then pick from a variety of add-ins such as leafy greens mix, veggie boost, chia seeds, protein powder, and more.

Current smoothie blends carried are strawberry, strawberry banana, mango tropical, mixed 4-berry and peach-pear-apricot. All of Madeline’s fruit mixes are 100% crushed fruit, with no added sugars, colors, or preservatives; and contain a full day’s serving of fruit.

If Valentine’s Day gift ideas are being elusive, stop by Madeline’s during the week of Feb. 10 to 14 for specialty food items. Schwarz said they will be carrying sugar cookies this week for the first time, individually packaged so customers can just grab and go.

These are not the only items which will be available, Schwarz said they will be carrying a variety of Valentine’s themed dessert items throughout the holiday week for people to choose from. Their front display will be full, said Schwarz.

Besides the brand new and holiday items, Madeline’s continues to provide breakfast and lunch meals, as well as daily specials. They carry , salads and sandwiches daily.

Their full menu is on their Facebook page, and soon patrons will be able to view pictures of the regular menu on Madeline’s Instagram page. They currently post the weekly specials menu every Monday, on both their Facebook and Instagram, and are announced daily via radio on KRVN.

People who frequently email can also email Madeline’s at madelinescafe.lex@gmail.com, to get signed up for their mailing list and have the weekly specials menu directly sent to them, Schwarz said.

Their specialty order desserts range from pies, cheesecakes, dessert bars, breakfast rolls, cookies, cupcakes, coffeecake, muffins, and scones.

Madeline’s cupcake flavors are a menu all their own and include, mocha, cookies n’ cream, mint, triple chocolate, s’mores, German chocolate, chocolate raspberry, raspberry vanilla, confetti, raspberry lemon, lemon, cherry vanilla, vanilla bean, chai, red velvet, carrot, lavender and pumpkin.

For specialty orders, let Madeline’s know what you’d like with 48 hours of advance notice.

For those with gluten allergies, Madeline’s is going to continue working to make their gluten-free desserts as top-quality as possible. They currently have gluten-free bread options to switch out on all of their sandwiches, and plan on trying to make their specials available as gluten-free as well.

They try to have at least one gluten free item in their display case every day and can make any special orders gluten free.

Besides casual dining, Madeline’s offers a backroom space which can be rented out for any type of party. Contact Madeline’s to reserve this space for the next event you need to host.

Madeline’s Café and Bakery is open Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.; Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and closed on Sundays.

Contact Madeline’s at madelinescafe.lex@gmail.com or by phone at 308-324-9010.

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