Two Rivers Risk Dial

DAWSON COUNTY — COVID-19 numbers throughout the Two Rivers Public Health Department district have been on the rise again and Wednesday, July 29 saw a large spike, 30 new cases.

New confirmed cases for Wednesday include,

  • Dawson County – 14
  • Buffalo County – 13
  • Gosper County – 1
  • Kearney County – 1
  • Phelps County – 1

The number of cases reported daily has been rising as July comes to an end.

On July 24, there were seven cases reported, on July 25 there were 16, July 26, seven new cases, on June 27, 12 new cases, and another 12 on July 28.

On July 29 the number jumped up to 30, one of the largest daily spikes since May.

In the past two weeks, Dawson County has recorded 51 new cases, contributing to a total of 927 cases, there have been nine deaths in the county due to the virus.

Gosper County, which had been quiet throughout June, recorded two new cases in two days, driving the total up to 15, there have been no deaths.

To the east, Buffalo County has now recorded 85 new cases in the last 14 days, outpacing Dawson County in this respect. According to Two Rivers, there have been a total of 305 cases in the county and one death.

Phelps County now records a total of 31 cases, Kearney County, 21 and Franklin County 8.

Throughout the Two Rivers district there have been a total of 1,307 cases with 1,099 of those no longer being symptomatic. The district’s risk dial has moved from between moderate and elevated into the elevated category.

Two Rivers Emergency Response Coordinator Chris Fankhauser said the health department staff has several theories as to why cases are spiking again and are investigating.

She said since the state relaxed the directed health measures and entered phase three on June 22 people have become more lax in the use of face masks and handwashing. People are also tired and frustrated by the continued restrictions, she said.

Summer is also a difficult time to keep people isolated for one another, Fankhauser said, people like to gather with family, friends and community during this time of the year.

Fankhauser said she hopes people will, “dig back in,” and be vigilant about hand washing, mask wearing and social distancing. As schools begin to gear up for reopening, a concern in the health department is they will have to close down after only a week of being open due to the virus.

Phase three of the directed health measures was started on June 22 and was set to expire on Friday, July 31. Fankhauser said Two Rivers has had no word from Governor Ricketts office on if phase four will be started on time, but added, with these kinds of daily case numbers, that possibility is looking unlikely.

Nebraska has now recorded 25,422 total cases of COVID-19, with 18,802 recoveries. There have been 324 deaths due to the virus.

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