About Us

From pioneer times, Lexington has enjoyed the services of a community newspaper. In fact, for a number of years two different papers, the Dawson County Herald and the Lexington Clipper, were both published in Lexington. In 1964, the papers merged to form what is now the Lexington Clipper-Herald, the only biweekly publication in Dawson County.

Today, the Lexington Clipper-Herald is owned by a Berkshire Hathaway company, BH Media Group, Inc. We continue to strive in being your community newspaper, covering everything from local and county news, sports, school events, obituaries, engagements and anniversaries, classifieds, photos and local happenings. The Lexington Clipper-Herald is continuously moving with the times and provides up-to-date information on the website daily.  We welcome constructive input from our readers to help us report what you want to know in a timely matter.

The Lexington Clipper-Herald is your source for Dawson and Gosper County news.