LINCOLN — The Department of Health and Human Services is offering assistance for individuals who lose, or may lose, income as a result of the recent flooding in south-central Nebraska. This includes assistance programs that help with food, energy, cooling and other recovery costs.

“Disasters like this flooding event can impact people in many ways,” said Karen Heng, deputy director for eligibility operations. “Those who have not needed economic assistance programs in the past may be eligible for assistance based on a temporary reduction of income.”

Eligibility for food programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and Women Infants and Children are based, in part, on income. Energy, heating and cooling assistance under the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program also consider income for eligibility.

“Helping people live better lives, especially during disaster recovery, is what we do at DHHS,” said Heng. “Providing temporary help, if needed, is a big part of that.”

Individuals already receiving SNAP who have flood-related food loss, including because of power outages, may be eligible for the SNAP replacement program. SNAP recipients can be reimbursed for the amount of a loss, up to their monthly allotment. First, determine the value of the lost food, then visit a local DHHS office or call ACCESSNebraska at 800-383-4278.

For those currently receiving assistance through LIHEAP, additional funds may be available for home energy related needs resulting from flooding and flood-related crisis. Funds are available to qualifying homes for utility reconnection costs, repair or replacement costs for furnaces and air conditioners, insulation repair, crisis payments for utilities and utility deposits and the purchase of fans, air conditioners and generators.

For more information on assistance programs and eligibility requirements, or to apply for SNAP or LIHEAP, contact DHHS by calling ACCESSNebraska at 800-383-4278 or by visiting a local DHHS office.

To apply for other assistance programs, such as Medicaid, Aid to Dependent Children, Aid to the Aged, Blind and Disabled, Respite, Child Care Provider Natural Disaster Recovery and Emergency Assistance, go to the ACCESSNebraska website.

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