Cruise Nite engine building

Teams of students compete in an engine building contest. All events scheduled for Cruise Nite will take place as planned. The 32nd annual celebration of central Nebraska’s automotive heritage begins Tuesday.

KEARNEY — Cruise Nite still is a “go,” despite historic flooding in south Kearney.

Brad Kernick, a member of the Central Nebraska Auto Club and a member of the Cruise Nite steering committee, likens the current situation to a card game.

“Sometimes when you’re dealt a hand, you think, this is great,” he said. “Other times you get a different hand and you say, ‘I have nothing, this is terrible.’ Well, that’s what it’s like this year. It’s not the best hand we’ve ever been dealt, but we’re going to go on.”

Cruise Nite begins with a car show 3-8 p.m. Tuesday at Blue Print Engines, 2915 Marshall Ave. The six-day festival continues through July 21 with events each day.

“This could be therapeutic, too, because a lot of people are hurting and a lot of people are stressed,” Kernick said. “This could be a real good relief for them, just to relax and have some fun. So we’re going ahead with all the events. If you’ve been tearing up carpets for a couple days, you might want to go to a couple of our events, just to relax a little bit.”

Central Nebraska Auto Club is working with the Kearney Area Community Foundation to help support a disaster relief fund. Donations may be made through the foundation at its donation tent in Downtown Kearney: The Bricks.

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Donations also may be made through the foundation’s website at

“We’re trying to be good corporate citizens and help the people who need the help,” Kernick said of the effort. “The Community Foundation is all set up, working with the United Way and other nonprofit agencies, so we’re going to help as much as we can.”

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