LINCOLN — Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy Director Jim Macy announced the state is awarding more than $2.6 million in rebates to schools across Nebraska to aid in the replacement of older diesel school buses, including nine in Hub Territory.

The funded projects include Bertrand, Cozad, Elm Creek, Kearney, Kenesaw, Lexington, Minden, Overton and Pleasanton public school districts. Each project will replace one older diesel bus with a new bus with much lower emissions.

These rebates will be funded from Nebraska’s share of the Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Mitigation Trust for State Beneficiaries, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.

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This year’s projects, of which there are 60 total, are expected to reduce NOx emissions by more than 14 tons.

Area school districts received the following rebates:

- Bertrand: $42,000 for a diesel bus

- Cozad: $42,000 for a diesel bus

- Elm Creek: $42,000 for a diesel bus

- Kearney: $57,000 for a propane bus

- Kenesaw: $42,000 for a diesel bus

- Lexington: $42,000 for a diesel bus

- Minden: $53,579 for a propane bus

- Overton: $57,000 for a propane bus

- Pleasanton: $52,793 for a propane bus.

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