LEXINGTON – There was plenty of baseball to be watched if you were in the right place at the right time over the weekend and through Monday. The Lexington Pinnacle Bank Seniors traveled to Springfield for a baseball tournament on Friday, July 12 and Saturday, July 13. Five Lexington 14 and under players represented their teams in the South Central Nebraska Baseball League All-Star game held Monday, July 15 and the Elwood-Eustis Bulls hosted Alma, their first foe in their district tournament this weekend, at home in Elwood.

The Lexington Pinnacle Bank boys faced big teams with a lot of power in the Springfield tournament over the weekend. Their first meeting in the tournament was with Lincoln Northstar on Friday when Lexington held their own in the first five innings, keeping the score within three runs when Northstar stretched the lead to take the win, 0-9.

The Pinnacle Bank Seniors met with Omaha Northwest the following day and scored the first run in the top of the first inning. Jase Thorell sent a ground ball to the Northwest second baseman allowing Mason Tilford to score Lexington’s single run in the 1-5 loss.

Lexington’s game with Wahoo was an exciting one, on Saturday, following the Northwest game. Wahoo put up the first two runs in the bottom of the first. The Pinnacle Bank Seniors answered with a run, scored by Tilford on a ground ball to short stop hit by Anthony Rodriguez, in the top of the third inning. Wahoo responded with two more runs in the bottom of the third to take a 1-4 lead on Lexington.

Wahoo maintained the lead all the way to the top of the fifth inning when Lexington took a lead. Jase Thorell took the plate with two outs two runners on. He sent a fly ball to center field allowing Rodriguez to score Lexington’s second run. Vinny Leibert stepped up to the plate with Jaxon Fagot on second and Thorell on first.

Leibert wasted no time at the plate, getting a piece of the first pitch and clobbered it deep into center field. Leibert was able to round the bases to home and brought the Seniors to a 5-4 lead over Wahoo.

Wahoo regained the lead, scoring two runs in the bottom of the fifth and sealed the win with five more in the bottom of the sixth to take a 5-11 win over Lexington.

The South Central Nebraska Baseball League held their All-Star game in Lexington Monday. Five Lexington players played to represent the community on the games.

In the 14 and under B roster, playing under the Holdrege coaches, included Levi Converse and Jackson Konrad while Drew Hanson, Andreas Salinas and Drew Truax were rostered on the 14 and under A All-Star Roster under the Sluggers coaches.

The Lexington players were on the winning side of the B game, winning their game 9-8, while the Lexington coaches led their team to a 14-5 victory in the A game.

The Elwood-Eustis Bulls faced Alma for their last game of the season before their district tournament in Ravenna, this weekend. The game was a precursor to the district tournament as the Bulls, the sixth seed, is set to open with the top seeded Alma on Friday, July 19.

The Elwood-Eustis team fell to Alma, 0-19, at their last home game of their debut season. Bulls head coach Henggeler expressed that his intention for the game was to get a look at the Alma team before districts.

With the regular season at a close, Henggeler reflects on the return season for Elwood-Eustis baseball.

“I don’t have anything negative to say about the season,” Henggeler said after Monday’s game. “Like I’ve said before, success is about getting better and you’re seeing that. Today, we lost to Alma, but we only had two strikeouts.”

A large part of the Bulls’ coaching goals this season has been to build confidence. The players have made leaps and bounds being more aggressive at the plate and not being afraid of good pitchers in many of their games.

The Bulls’ coaching staff intends to return for the 2020 season and hope to get an early start for next year’s training.

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