Minutemen and Minutemaids drop weekend games with Grand Island Central Catholic/Aurora

LEXINGTON – The Minutemaids and Minutemen hosted the Grand Island Central Catholic Crusaders on Friday and traveled to Aurora to battle the Huskies in some tight losses over the weekend. The Minutemaids fell to the GICC girls, 30-47, and dropped their game to the Huskies, 32-44. The Minutemen fell to the Crusaders at home on Friday, 70-76, before losing by a razor’s edge to the Huskies on Saturday, 34-35.

The Minutemaids kicked off the night by taking a small lead on the lady Crusaders, 9-6, at the end of the first eight minutes of play. Before the half, the GICC girls were able to recover their deficit and take a lead with 15 points over the ‘Maids’ eight, taking the game into the halftime break, 17-21.

The Minutemaids took the biggest hit in the third quarter as the Crusaders put 17 points on the scoreboard while holding the ‘Maids to just two points. Lexington had fallen behind at the start of the fourth quarter, 19-36. While the Minutemaids took the edge in the fourth quarter, it was by just two points, 11-9, and the Lexington girls took the loss, 30-47.

The Minutemen paced the Central Catholic boys in the first quarter of their game, matching the Crusaders, 19-19. The Grand Island boys pulled away in the second, scoring 22 points over Lexington’s 13 and the Minutemen trailed by nine at the halftime buzzer, 32-41.

The Minutemen returned to the court with some gusto in the second half. While the Crusaders took the edge in the third quarter with 16 points, the Minutemen weren’t far behind with 14 of their own. Lexington pushed harder in the fourth quarter, scoring 24 points over Central Catholic’s 19, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the gap. The Minutemen fell to the Crusaders, 70-76.

The Lexington Minutemen basketball team will travel to Omaha on Saturday, Feb. 15 to test their might with the Skutt Catholic SkyHawks. The orange and black are set to tip-off with the Skutt boys at 7:15 p.m.

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