LEXINGTON – The Lexington Minutemaids softball team claimed another win on Thursday, Sept. 5 when they hosted the Gothenburg Swedes. The ‘Maids battled with the Swedes, but explosive rallies put the Minutemaids in the driver’s seat for a big, 17-9 win in the bottom of the sixth inning.

The Swedes held the upper hand in the first two and a half innings of the game, putting up four runs in the top of the first inning and two more in the top of the third. The Minutemaids were competitive but still behind with three runs in the bottom of the second, the first of which was scored by Jordyn Jeffries on a single hit by Maddi Sutton. Sutton was sent home from first base with a home run hit by TaiLyn Kounnavong.

When the Minutemaids took the plate in the bottom of the third, they trailed the Swedes, 3-6. When they left the field at the end of the inning, they had rallied an additional six runs for a 9-6 lead. Scoring runs for the Minutemaids in the bottom of the third inning were Klair Fagot, Macey Johnson, McKinna Moats, Jordyn Jeffries, Addison Sund and Maddi Sutton.

The Swedes and the ‘Maids matched in the fourth inning, each scoring one run. Lexington’s run in the bottom of the fourth occurred when Moats picked the second pitch to send over the fence for a second home run for the Minutemaids. They led the Swedes at the end of the fourth inning, 10-7.

Gothenburg was able to put two more runs on the scoreboard in the top of the fifth inning before the ‘Maids responded with a single run in the bottom of the inning, scored by Kounnavong on Johnson’s double. The swedes gained a little ground on the Minutemaids’ lead, but the Lexington girls continued to control the field, 11-9.

The Minutemaids held the Swedes scoreless in the top of the sixth inning. Lexington took the plate ahead in the bottom of the inning and began what would be a huge inning for the Minutemaids. Alyssa Winter scored Lexington’s 12th run on a wild pitch. Shortly after, with bases loaded, Klair Fagot clobbered the ball on a 1-0 count, driving it straight over the left field fence for a grand slam. Fagot’s home run sent Jeffries, Sutton and Kounnavong to home plate before her and put Lexington ahead by seven runs, 16-9. The Game closed when Johnson scored on a line drive single to right field hit by Moats. Lexington defeated the Swedes, 17-9.

The Minutemaids’ demonstrated their offensive intensity in waves in Thursday’s game, pushing through dry spells to powering back with big rallies before subsiding again. Lexington head coach Katie Ruwe said that consistency is currently one of the program’s focuses.

“One of the things we’ve been preaching is consistency,” she began. “We’ve been focusing on not giving up a big inning. I’m really proud of them, because we didn’t give up a big inning in this game. Our intensity being up and down, I think a lot of that has to do with what happens in the defense the inning before. We just have to keeps level heads and that’s something we’re working toward.”

Ruwe also mentioned that the Minutemaids have been trying to respond to offensive pushes from their opponents in a timely manner to stay competitive.

“We’ve been talking about answering back right away and I’m proud of the way they did that,” She explained. “We had some mental errors in there, but we didn’t let them bring us down.”

Next week, the Lexington Minutemaids softball team will travel to Holdrege to meet with the district opponent, the Dusters. The 3-7 ‘Maids clash with the 1-6 Holdrege girls on Tuesday, Sept. 10 at 6:30 p.m.

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