Cozad Haymakers take early lead to put Gothenburg Swedes away, 8-4

LEXINGTON - Due to field conditions with all the rain, the Cozad Haymakers and the Gothenburg Swedes moved their rivalry game to the Optimist Sports Complex on Thursday, Oct. 3. The Haymakers took an early lead and held command of the field for a big 8-4 win over the Swedes.

After shutting down the Gothenburg offense in the top of the first inning, the Haymakers took an early lead when Tayler Chytka and Reagan Armagost scored two runs on a single hit by Biz Tvrdy. The Swedes suffered another scoreless inning in the top of the second when the Cozad girls responded with three runs. Hannah Guthard scored a run on a dropped fly ball hit to left field hit by Chytka before Katie Wilson and Jercey Irish scored two more runs on a dropped fly ball to center field hit by Emma Coen.

Gothenburg’s drought continued into the third inning, and were well behind the Haymakers, 5-0, when Cozad took the plate in the bottom of the third. Cozad scored their sixth run in the bottom of the third with two runners on base. Hailey Wilson hit a fly ball into center field, allowing Haley Cargill to score.

The fourth inning went scoreless for both teams and the game went into the fifth inning with Cozad in a 6-0 lead.

In the top of the fifth the Swedes finally found their stride and put the bat to the ball in an effective way. Gothenburg scored three runs before turning the plate over to the Haymakers, bringing the score to 6-3.

Cozad’s response to the Swedes’ three-run rally was small, but sufficient to maintain a large lead. Emma Coen batted in Jercey Irish with a dropped fly ball in center field, to put the Haymakers up, 7-3.

The game became a back and forth as the Swedes scored one run in the top of the sixth and the Haymakers responded with one of their own in the bottom of the inning, Haley Cargill scored a run on a passed ball to put the Haymakers, 8-4, over the Gothenburg Swedes.

The Haymakers’ win over the Gothenburg Swedes puts the Cozad season at 20-6 while the Swedes’ rest at 14-11.

The Cozad Haymakers will play again on Saturday, Oct. 5 when they Travel to Yutan for the Yutan softball tournament. Games in Yutan will begin at the Hayes Softball Complex at 9 a.m.

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