COLUMBUS – The Lexington High School soccer teams took to the road where the Minutemen saw their final regular season game against the Discoverers and the Minutemaids faced the Columbus girls for their second to last game of the regular season. The Minutemaids fell to the lady Discoverers, 0-1, while the boys pushed for another win, 5-1.

The Minutemaids made a good, solid effort in the game with Columbus on Monday. The passes were there and the pressure was applied as the ‘Maids showed how their hard work this season has made big improvements to LHS girls soccer.

“We started the game a touch slow,” Lexington girls head coach Keith Allen wrote in an email to the Clipper-Herald after the game. “As the game wore on we seemed to pick up confidence, started making some better decisions and playing better as we settled in.”

The game went scoreless in the first half as neither team could breach the other’s defenses. The second half looked to play the same, but with just 2:45 left on the clock Columbus found the back of the net to take a 0-1 lead over the Minutemaids.

“We were caught pushing forward a bit and they countered with a nice shot that Alyssa (Winter) just couldn’t stop,” Allen explained. “She had a great game despite that one she didn’t quite get.”

Winter, a Lexington sophomore, allowed one goal while making 17 saves in the game with Columbus.

Coach Allen felt that the lady Discoverer’s goal with short time left on the clock is what posed the biggest trouble for the ‘Maids as they tend to make big plays toward the end of their games.

“Our deep bench allowed us to keep fresh legs in the game,” he explained. “We can outhustle our opponents late in games because we play so many kids and have confidence in them all.”

Despite the loss to Columbus the Minutemaids intend to move forward to the next game with their heads high.

Girls felt great about their effort, and recognized that they played a great game,” Coach Allen explained. “There were a lot of great things that we did throughout the flow of the game and girls feel good moving forward.”

The Minutemaids looked forward to their final regular season game with York on Tuesday, April 23. They went into the game with the lady Dukes sporting a 6-4 record on the season.

The Minutemen started their offensive early against the Discoverers on Monday. They kicked off the game with an unassisted goal by senior Bryan Aldana at the three minute mark and followed it up, ten minutes later, with a goal by senior Jesus Jimenez assisted by sophomore Junior Casillas, the Minutemen took a 2-0 lead over York.

The LHS boys scored a third goal in the first half, scored by junior Brandon Perez and assisted by Jesus Jimenez, at the 31 minute mark. This gave the Minutemen a 3-0 lead as they took a knee for halftime.

Columbus scored the first goal of the second half, sophomore Garrett Esch assisted by junior Ivan Lopez, after about five minutes of play. The score held with a 3-1 Minutemen lead nearly to the end of the game when senior David Jimenez, assisted by freshman Alex Cruz, sent another goal in for the LHS boys at the 77 minute mark. Jesus Jimenez, assisted by freshman Miguel Raymundo, put another goal away a minute later to give the Minutemen a 5-1 lead with just two minutes left on the game clock.

The Minutemen celebrated the fifth consecutive win to end their regular season games and boast a 10-2 record. Next, the Lexington boys will go into the B-8 Sub-District tournament where they are assigned with North Platte, Gering and Scottsbluff. The Minutemen has met two of their three possible opponents in the series, having defeated the 8-7 North Platte Bulldogs, 2-0, and trounced the 3-7 Gering Bulldogs, 7-0. Scottsbluff, their third possible opponent in the B-8 Sub-District tournament, sports a 4-5 season.

The Boys and girls B-8 tournaments are scheduled for next week from Monday, April 29 to Thursday, May 2. Host schools are yet to officially be announced.

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