Minutemaids end their best season yet with a home win over York, 6-0

LEXINGTON – Between the Minutemaids and the York lady Dukes, the last time the host team won the match has been over ten years. In 2008, the York girls won at home, 2-1. Since that game, aside from the fray being cancelled in 2009, the visiting team has won every year… until this year.

In an email to the Clipper-Herald, Minutemaids head coach Keith Allen mentioned that the Lexington girls intended to end the home game curse with York; they ended the streak very matter-of-factly with six unanswered goals in the second half of the game, Tuesday.

The first half went scoreless in the Minutemaids’ final game of the regular season with York. The Lexington girls maintained possession for the majority of the half, had several good looks and made some attempts at the goal but they weren’t quite enough to take to the scoreboard.

The second half, however, saw a very determined Minutemaids bench.

“You would have thought we were losing at halftime, as girls seemed quiet and maybe had a hint of worry,” Coach Allen wrote in an email. “The tone in the second half changed immediately as we started the second half with a passing sequence that allowed us to take the ball and just miss a goal within the first 15 seconds.”

The Lexington girls pushed and scored their first goal in the eighth minute of the second half scored by sophomore Klair Fagot and assisted by senior Kathy Flores. Just four minutes later Flores, assisted by junior Nayely Quinonez, scored a goal of her own; the first of what would become a hat trick before the end of the game.

With the 6-0 win over York, the Minutemaids celebrate the end of the regular season, 7-4. In fact, the best season in school history. The Lexington girls, in 11 games, gave up just 11 goals on the season. The LHS girls’ goalkeeper, sophomore Alyssa Winter, is marked to have 127 saves and earned five shutouts in the seven wins. Flores led the Minutemaids in scoring for the 2019 season with seven of the team’s 22 goals this season. Samantha Morales followed Flores with four goals.

While the regular season has ended both teams have appearances to make in the post season. The Minutemaids take the no. 3 seed in the B-8 subdistrict and will face the no. 2 seeded Gering Bulldogs on Monday, April 29. The clash will follow the North Platte and Scottsbluff girls game at North Platte High School with Lexington kicking off at 6:30 p.m.

Scoring for Lexington vs. York

Goal at 48’ scored by Klair Fagot assisted by Kathy Flores

Goal at 52’ scored by Kathy Flores assisted by Nayely Quinonez

Goal at 63’ scored by Handy Marin assisted by Katty Escobar

Goal at 67’ Scored by Kathy Flores assisted by Katie Callero

Goal at 75’ scored by Kathy Flores assisted by Katia Garcia

Goal at 79’ scored by Katia Garcia

Lexington vs. York Home Game Curse history

2008: York wins @ Home


2009: Game Cancelled

2010: Lexington wins @ York


2011: York wins @ Lexington


2012: Lexington wins @ York

(1-0 shootout)

2013: York wins @ Lexington


2014: Lexington wins @ York


2015: York wins @ Lexington


2016: Lexington wins @ York


2017: York wins @ Lexington

(1-3 overtime)

2018: Lexington wins @ York

(2-1 shootout)

2019: Lexington wins @ Home


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