Saulsbury takes LHS tennis head coach duties

Former UNK Tennis Coach and new City of Lexington’s Recreational Cooordinator, Jake Saulsbury, runs drills with the Minutemen on their first day of practice on Monday, Aug. 12.  Saulsbury has signed on at Lexington High School to head coach the Minutemen and Minutemaids tennis teams.  

LEXINGTON – Tennis fans will see a familiar face returning the Minutemen tennis program this fall as LHS State tennis champion and Former UNK tennis coach Jake Saulsbury dons the mantle of head coach at LHS.

Saulsbury, having still lived in Lexington while coaching at UNK, moved his professional life to line up with his family life by taking a position with the City of Lexington earlier this year as Recreational Coordinator. Although Saulsbury may be involved with Lexington youth and tennis through the position with the city, he felt there was opportunity for more.

“Obviously, coaching tennis has been a huge passion of mine in my career so far,” Saulsbury said in an interview. “What was driving me back to Lexington was a greater investment in the community and into our youth. In this transition in my life, I wanted to incorporate tennis since it’s my highest level of expertise.”

Saulsbury talked about his desire to add more involvement with the community’s youth and approaching the schools to fill a needed position in LHS athletics.

“Once the ball started moving forward with the City of Lexington I sat down with the high school Athletic Director, Phil Truax, to talk about the possibility of also coaching the high school teams,” Saulsbury said of rejoining LHS tennis. “They were in kind of a transition with tennis, coaches where they were still seeking someone for the girls coaching position as well, so I signed up to coach both teams which I’m very excited about.”

Having coached at the university level, Saulsbury feels that it will help him in all levels of development in tennis in Lexington and may offer him some unique skills to grow the interest and involvement at the high school level.

“My experience at UNK was seeing student athletes from different backgrounds, with different personalities. We were a very diverse team.” Saulsbury said. “We would recruit local, state, out-of-state, and internationally at UNK. So I hope my experience there will allow me to coach and relate to diverse personality types.”

The Minutemen tennis program started practice this week and will debut their season in Hastings on Thursday, Aug. 29 and will return home on Friday, Aug. 30 to host Scottsbluff.

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