Results of the 2019 Labor Day Weekend Tennis Tournament

Lexington, Nebraska

Men’s Open Doubles

1st Place               Jake Saulsbury – Lexington

                             Zak Fulmer – Lexington

2nd Place              Jim Hain – Lexington

                             Gordon Hinrichs – Lexington

3rd Place               Brody Lauby – Lincoln

                             Aaron Cook – Lincoln

Consolation       Troy Saulsbury – Kearney

                          Asher Saulsbury – Kearney

Women’s Open Doubles

1st Place               Missy Smith – Overton

                             Brylee Lauby – Lexington

2nd Place              Gracey Smith – Lexington

                             Mallorie Buescher – Lexington

Women’s “A” Doubles

1st Place               Millie Kralik – Kearney

                             Jessica Bamford – Kearney

2nd Place              Tamela Laurie – Kearney

                             Ashley Laurie – Kearney

Consolation          Kayleigh Cetek – Lexington

                            Marianna Ambriz – Lexington

Mixed Open Doubles

1st Place               Jake Saulsbury – Lexington

                            Mallorie Buescher – Lexington

2nd Place              Troy Saulsbury – Kearney

                             Olivia Flood – Kearney

Consolation          Phil Lauby – Lexington

                             Brylee Lauby – Lexington

Mixed “A” Doubles

1st Place               Jim Warner – Kearney

                             Denise Christensen – Kearney

2nd Place              Jim Hain – Lexington

                             Jeanette Hain – Lexington

Consolation          Coleman Evans – Boise, Idaho

                             Linda Motzner - Lexington

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