COZAD – The fields were dry and the grass freshly cut on Cozad’s legion ball field allowing the Reds Seniors to host the Overton Bandits for a game on Wednesday, July 10.  The Bandits held a lead the majority of the game on Wednesday. Cozad was able to tie it up early in the game, but Overton regained the lead and held it for a 9-7 win over the Cozad Reds.

Overton took an early lead in the game with Overton putting up two runs in the top of the first inning, scored by Isaiah Shields and Trace Baasch.  Cozad tied the game after putting up one run in the bottom of the first, scored by Maddux Myer, and another in the bottom of the second, scored by Adam Cole.

The Bandits shot ahead of the Reds in the top of the third inning as Carson Rohde, Baasch, Schuyler Brown, Josh Aurajo and Karsten McCarter scored a run each for a 7-2 lead when the Reds took the plate in the bottom of the third.

Austin Werner and Christian Timm scored two runs in response to the Bandits’ third inning rally.  Cozad was slowly, but steadily, gaining on the Bandits, trailing by three at the top of the fourth, 4-7.

After a scoreless fourth inning, the Overton boys extended their lead with runs scored by Josh Klingelhoefer and McCarter to extend their lead by five runs, 4-9.  Adam Cole scored on a wild pitch in the bottom of the fifth to bring the Reds back within four runs, 5-9.

When the Bantdits took the plate in the top of the sixth inning, the Reds kicked their defense into gear and held Overton at the plate through the remainder of the game.

Cozad made a push in the bottom of the sixth, but were stopped short at just two runs, scored by Myer and Werner.  The game ended with a Bandits victory, 9-7.

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