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Overton Eagle Rachel Ecklund adds another two points for the Eagles in their win over Anselmo-Merna on Tuesday.  Ecklund led her team in scoring with 20 points.

OVERTON – The Overton Eagles basketball teams hosted the Anselmo-Merna Coyotes on Tuesday, Dec. 17 when the Overton Girls took their fifth win of the season, 53-51, while the Overton boys lost their game to the Coyotes, 65-51.

The Overton girls took an early lead with 10 points over the Coyotes’ two at the end of the first quarter.  Anselmo-Merna gained some distance on the Eagles’ lead in the second quarter scoring 13 points over Overton’s nine for a 19-15 score at halftime.  And evenly battled second half , slightly favoring the Coyotes, brought the game to a 45-45 tie at the end of regulation time.

The Eagles took the edge in the overtime period, 8-6, giving the Eagles a 53-51 win over Anselmo-Merna.

Top scoring players for the lady Eagles in the Tuesday game included Morgan Barner with five points, Haley Fleischman with 19 and Rachel Ecklund led the team with 20 points.

The Anslemo-Merna boys took the advantage in the first three quarters of their game against the Eagles to follow the girls’ game.  While the Eagles took advantage of an opportunity in the fourth quarter, outscoring the Coyotes 15-6, they were unable to recover from the deficit and fell to Anselmo-Merna in the end, 51-65.

Top scoring players for the Eagles against the Coyotes included Caleb Svarvari with nine points, while Mathew Roth and Jaylen Schlueter tied for the lead, each with 15 points.

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