Making better athletes at LHS

The Lexington Athletics Guide to Success is a new packet of information that will be distributed to student-athletes at Lexington High School for the 2019-20 school year to supplement the activities handbook.  The information contained in the packet will help athletes stay healthy, safe and focused for LHS athletics.

LEXINGTON – The Lexington High School activities department will be sending out a new piece of information for athletes and parents this fall. A packet of information to supplement the LHS activities handbook and created by the Lexington High School activities staff, the work is coined “Lexington Athletics Guide to Success: How to Maximize Your Athletic Career at Lexington High School.”

The collection of pages begins with a straight forward introduction to the LHS activities department, contact information for administrators and coaches from the activities office to the weight room and eight helpful hints on a smooth athletic career at Lexington High School written by LHS Activities Director Phil Truax.

The “meat” of the packet, 15 of the total 34 pages of information, is the “Minuteman/Minutemaid Healthy Body Rules.” This section outlines lifestyle suggestions for managing diet, water intake, sleeping habits and electronics use to help improve performance and to help athletes stay safe in their pursuits.

To help manage diet, there are some simple guidelines for what is necessary in each meal, how often athletes should eat and even several meal-prep suggestions for at-home meals and snacks to easier on-the-go options.

The guide even lists some ways that an athlete can make healthier decisions in the event of being faced with eating at a fast food establishment, while also recommending limiting their fast food visits to a maximum of once every week.

In addition to the dietary information, the guide stresses the importance of water intake and how much an athlete needs to consume for proper hydration. It includes a quick reference table for body weight-to-ounces for daily water intake.

Today’s connectivity through technology is strong and available everywhere. The guide acknowledges, while useful for learning and entertainment, technology use should be managed to help keep a healthy balance for a student-athlete. The section provides suggestions for athletes on how to minimize the distraction of “screen time” for healthy training, successful education and, most importantly, the people around them. The final statement on the page stresses, “Be present with your families, friends and teammates. When you are with people, don’t hide behind your screen, be present.”

The Importance of electronics management segues into the importance of getting enough sleep. This section starts stating that research suggests adolescents require 9.25 hours of sleep each night to function properly and lists several ways to help make that happen. The list includes suggestions including establishing a bedtime routine, having a dark, cool and comfortable room in which to sleep and setting a time to silence and put down all electronics. The guide stresses how a lack of sleep can affect the body’s build muscle, concentration, memory and split-second decision making.

The section closes with more nutrition suggestions, this time for recovery after workouts. The document states how the Lexington High School Sports Medicine and Strength and Conditioning staff encourage using a healthy diet to reach performance goals but provide a list of safer products if athletes choose to use supplements. This page ends with a disclaimer from the staff stating, “No supplement can replace proper training, sleep and nutrition.” The final page of the Healthy Body Rules is a warning about the use of drugs and alcohol.

The last section of the guide is made up of pages showcasing each sport offered at Lexington High school. Each page contains coaches names, their contact information and a little bit about the program.

Parents can look for the guide to go home with each student-athlete or it will be made available online for viewing at

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