OMAHA – The Lexington Powerlifting team traveled to Omaha to compete in the Creighton Prep Early Bird Powerlifting Meet on Saturday. Competing with 13 other schools, the Lexington Girls took first place and boasted the Girls Outstanding Lifter award at the competition.

In their respective weight divisions, first place listers included Melinda Lo and Madison Smith. Smith also earned the Girls Outstanding Lifter award at the meet.

Taking second place for the Lexington girls, in their divisions, were Jade Morales, Esmeralda Mendez, Jasmine Garcia, Maritza Calmo, Sindy Giron, Karly Huerta and Magali Santoyo.

Alisha Rojas took third place for the Minutemaids in her division.

Fourth place finishers for the Lexington girls included Megan Dang, Hannah Sanchez, Tami Lehmkuhler, Arlin Munoz, Carly Holbrook and Kaitlen Navas.

Jasmine Martinez took fifth place for the Minutemaids in her division.

The Lexington boys boasted one first place winner, Fredy Velasquez, in his division while second place finishers included John Howard and Gaspar Andres.

The Minutemen claimed third place in two divisions, the lifters being Luis Ceja and Christian Cardenas, while Logan Dowling and Salvador Zamora took fourth place in their divisions.

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