HASTINGS – The Lexington Minutemaids traveled to Hastings on Saturday for a cold, wet and windy day at the district tournament. The ‘Maids faced three opponents at the tournament before a close, razor’s edge loss to Grand Island Central Catholic, ending their season.

The Minutemaids squared off, first, with the Adams Central Patriots who took an early lead 2-4 in the first inning. The Minutemaids then gave up four more runs in the bottom of the second and trailed by six, 2-8, going into the third. The Minutemaids were only able to put together one more run in the game when Maddi Sutton blasted a homer far beyond the net with no runners on base for a score of 3-8 as the game went into the bottom of the third.

The Minutemaids gave up six more runs to the lady Patriots and were unable to find home plate in the top of the fourth, ending the game with a 3-14 Adams Central win.

The Lexington girls paved a road to a huge 25-8 victory over the Holdrege Dusters late in the second game of the day. Holdrege took the lead in the bottom of the first inning, scoring four runs to take the ‘Maids 0-4 into the second.

Lexington claimed the lead from the Dusters in the top of the second inning, putting five runs on the scoreboard. Holdrege then reclaimed the lead from the Minutemaids, scoring three in the bottom of the second. The game went 5-8 into the third inning, Holdrege leading.

The Lexington girls pulled together and rallied a massive lead after scoring nine runs in the top of the third inning and holding the Dusters at the plate in the bottom of the inning. The ‘Maids put the game to bed scoring another 11 runs in the top of the fourth before stopping Holdrege at one run in the bottom of the inning. Lexington, with a 25-8 win over the Dusters, stayed alive for another game in the district tournament.

Immediately after their win over Holdrege, the Minutemaids played the Grand Island Central Catholic Crusaders.

The first two innings with GICC went scoreless as neither team was willing to budge and halted most batters at the plate. In the bottom of the third inning, the Crusaders took a small lead, scoring just one run on Lexington, and the game went into the top of the fourth, 0-1. The Minutemaids responded, opening the fourth inning with two homers, back to back, the first from Alyssa Winter and the second from Maddi Sutton, putting the maids up, 2-1 over GICC. Courtney Hanson drove in two more runs when she doubled on a line drive to right field, allowing Emily Jiminez-Avalos and Macey Johnson to score. Lexington was then able to hold GICC from home plate to retain their 4-1 lead into the fifth inning.

The Minutemaids and GICC netted two runs each in the fifth inning. The Minutemaids retained the lead, 6-3, as they went into the sixth.

Winter sent Klair Fagot home in the top of the sixth with a line drive single to right field. Sutton then blasted another home run over the left field fence with two runners on base, Mckinna Moats and Winter, to take a strong 10-3 lead over the Crusaders.

Grand Island Central Catholic rallied 8 runs in the bottom of the sixth inning, however, and snatched the lead from the Minutemaids, 10-11, before a one-two-three out top of the seventh to end the game. The Minutemaids fell in a heartbreaking loss to Grand Island Central Catholic in the final inning, 10-11, ending the Minutemaids’ season.

The Lexington Minutemaids ended their season with a record of 11-20.

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