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Lexington’s Austin Friedrichsen takes flight for a two-point layup in the Tuesday, Jan. 28 win over the Holdrege Dusters.  The Minutemen defeated the Dusters, 73-50, and went on to play the Northwest Vikings on Thursday.  The Minutemen fell to the Vikings, 58-75.

LEXINGTON – The Lexington basketball teams are in the thick of their conference tournaments this week, with the end results drawing to a close. The Minutemaids will play on Saturday, Feb. 1 at Grand Island Northwest High School against the Schuyler lady Warriors after their loss on opening night to the Holdrege Dusters, 29-38. The Minutemen have gone 1-1 in the tournament thus far and will finish their Central 10 trek on Saturday, Feb. 1 against the Aurora Huskies.

The Minutemaids suffered a hard-fought loss at the hands of the lady Dusters in Monday’s opening games, 29-38. As Schuyler lost their tournament opener to Lakeview, 5-59, the lady Warriors will meet with the Minutemaids for ninth place. The Lexington Minutemaids enter the fray with a record of 1-15; Schuyler comes to the game, 0-14.

The ninth place game for the Central 10 Conference tournament will be held at Grand Island Northwest High School in the old gym at 11 a.m.

The Minutemen began their tournament at home on Tuesday night when they hosted the Holdrege Dusters. The Minutemen came out on top with a big 73-50 win over Holdrege, advancing to the semi-finals.

As the Seward Bluejays dropped their game to Grand Island Northwest, The Lexington Minutemen met with the Vikings on Thursday, Jan. 30 in Grand Island. The Minutemen led by a razor’s edge at the end of the first quarter, 19-18, but the Vikings exploded to a 13 point lead at halftime, scoring 27 points in the second quarter over Lexington’s 13. Northwest held the advantage through the second half and Lexington fell to the Vikings, 58-75.

With the loss, the Minutemen move to play for third place in the conference tournament. As the Aurora Huskies lost their semifinal matchup with the Adams Central Patriots, they will meet with the Minutemen for third place on Saturday, Feb. 1 at Grand Island Northwest High School at 2:30 p.m. in Northwest’s new gym.

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