Austyn Stewart

Austyn Stewart takes a swing in Sunday's season opener with the Overton Bandits.  Stewart's last at-bat sent home the final two runners to take an 8-7 win in the 10th inning.

LEXINGTON – The Lexington Pinnacle Bank Legion Baseball season is underway after hosting a fun and friendly, albeit cold, first game with the Overton Bandits. Amongst the chatter and banter, the Bandits seniors took an early lead on the Pinnacle Bank seniors. The Lexington boys were able to rally back for a tie and took the game to extra innings for a narrow 8-7 win.

Isaiah Shields and Josh Araujo scored the first two run for the Bandits in top of the first inning; Shields scored on a ground ball to shortstop while Araujo scored on a sacrifice fly hit by Carson Rohde. Lexington answered with one run, scored by Jaxon Fagot on a line drive to left field by Austin Stewart in the bottom of the inning.

Bronson Gibbons and Cole Stokebrand scored two more for the Bandits in the top of the second on a fly ball to center field to put Overton up 1-4. The Pinnacle Bank seniors gained another run in the bottom of the second as John Howard stole his way around the infield for another run to bring the score to 2-4, Bandits leading.

Carson Rohde scored the fifth run for the Bandits on a passed ball in the top of the third inning. As a response, the Pinnacle Bank seniors gained two more runs with Austyn Stewart’s fly ball to left field. Stewart doubled on the at-bat and drove home Jaxon Fagot and Vinny Leibert. The third inning ended, 4-5, Bandits leading.

Both teams remained scoreless in the fourth and fifth innings.

Shields opened the scoring again for the Bandits in the top of the sixth on Jaxon Taubenheim’s ground out to shortstop to take a two run lead, 4-6. It would be short lived, however, as Jaxon Fagot sent Efren Aguirre and Daniel Kuefner home to tie it up, 6-6.

With a tie game, and a scoreless seventh, eighth and ninth innings, the game drew to a tenth where the Bandits took an advantage with Taubenheim scoring a run on an error to take a small small lead, 6-7. In the bottom of the 10th, with one out, Austyn Stewart singled on a line drive to center field sending Daniel Kuefner home for his second run of the night and Jaxon Fagot for his third run.

The Pinnacle Bank seniors edged an 8-7 win over the Overton Bandits.

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