Both teams move on to district final matches

LEXINGTON – The Lexington soccer teams continued their bid for the state tournament this week as the Minutemen met with the North Platte Bulldogs at home on a cold, wet and windy field in Lexington on Tuesday and the girls played on Wednesday in North Platte. The Lexington boys won their game, 3-1, while the Minutemaids fell to the North Platte girls, 0-3.

In Tuesday’s game at the Lexington City Soccer Complex, the game began with a little moisture in the air. The Lexington fight got stronger as the rain fell harder in the B-8 Sub-district game.

Lexington opened the scoring with the first goal at the 23 minute mark scored by freshman Alex Cruz with an assist from sophomore Jason Tovar. Six minutes later, at the 29 minute mark, sophomore Junior Casillas found the net with an assist by sophomore Jose Cruz.

The Minutemen looked to have two unanswered goals in the first half when, in the 37th minute, North Platte sophomore Collin Manzano hit a goal for the Bulldogs, assisted by senior Nathan Ostrander, to bring the game to 2-1 before the end of the half.

The Lexington boys earned one more goal, this time in the seventh minute of the second half, when senior Jesus Jimenez scored an unassisted goal to put the Minutemen up, 3-1, over the Bulldogs. The Minutemen held the North Platte boys, defensively, the rest of the game to claim the win over the Bulldogs, 3-1.

Between the sticks, Lexington sophomore keeper Eduardo Gomez registered six saves with one goal against in contrast to North Platte’s senior goaltender, Nathan Ostrander, with 11 saves and three goals against.

With the win, the 12-2 Minutemen will host the 9-6 Schuyler Warriors for the B-3 District Final on Saturday, May 4 at the Lexington City Soccer Complex. The Winner of the B-3 District final will claim a spot in the bracket for the State Soccer Tournament in Omaha. The Minutemen last made an appearance in the state tournament in 2017.

The Minutemaids struggled in their game with the formidable North Platte girls team on Wednesday, this week. The Lexington girls were able to hold the lady Bulldogs at bay most of the first half, but allowed one goal in the first 40 minutes and North Platte found two more in the second half.

Alyssa Winter, Lexington’s sophomore goalkeeper, recorded 38 saves in the game with North Platte.

The Minutemaids are awarded another chance at the state tournament, however, as they have been drawn to play the Hastings Tigers in the B-6 District final. The Tigers took the win over the Minutemaids when they met earlier in the season, 0-2.

The Minutemaids will travel to play the Hastings girls on Saturday, May 4. They will go head-to-head with the Tigers at Hastings College at 12 p.m. to decide if the Minutemaids will go to the state tournament.

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