LEXINGTON – In two games on Sunday the Lexington Pinnacle Bank Seniors demonstrated their ability to field a ball and start a game, and also their struggles in closing those games with some tough opponents. Lexington’s Seniors lost their games in the final innings against the Scottsbluff Seniors, 2-8 and 4-13.

After a scoreless first inning in the first game, Scottsbluff put one run on the board and Lexington was unable to answer the run. A quick on-and-off third inning left the Pinnacle Bank boys behind at the start of the fourth, 0-1.

With one out in the top of the fourth, Scottsbluff scored a second run on a passed ball. Lexington caught a Scottsbluff runner attempting to steal home for the second out before Daniel Kuefner struck his batter out to regain the plate.

The Bottom of the fourth Lexington evened the score, kicked off with a single by Draake Taylor and another by Mason Tilford. Efren Aguirre stepped up to bat and sent the first pitch on the ground to right field for a single, allowing Taylor to score the first run for the Pinnacle Bank Seniors. Austyn Stewart took the plate and powered a ground ball through the gap to center field, earning a double and batting Tilford in for a second Lexington run. Tilford’s run evened the score, 2-2.

Scottsbluff went on to score an additional three runs in the top of the fifth and with a home run and a double scored three more on the Pinnacle Bank Seniors in the top of the sixth. Lexington couldn’t battle back before the end of the seventh inning and Scottsbluff won the first game, 2-8.

In the second game, Lexington allowed three unanswered runs in the first inning and one in the second. The Pinnacle Bank boys held Scottsbluff from home plate in the third inning before leveling the scoreboard again, rallying four runs in the bottom of the third.

Draake Taylor was posted on third base and Mason Tilford ready at second when Austyn Stewart stepped into the batter’s box with no outs. Stewart watched two balls go by before catching the third pitch, sending it into left field, allowing Taylor and Tilford to burn their way to home plate, scoring two runs for the Pinnacle Bank Seniors. Pinnacle bank gained two more runs with Stewart on third and Vinny Leibert on second when Cameron Gibbons powered a ball deep into left field, earning a double, and sending Stewart and Leibert home.

The Pinnacle Bank Seniors were unable to gain any more traction in the remainder of the second game with Scottsbluff, and gave up another two runs in the top of the fourth and seven runs in the top of the fifth. Scottsbluff took the win in the second game, 4-13.

Next up, the Pinnacle Bank Seniors will have a chance to avenge their loss to the Cozad Reds. The Reds defeated the Pinnacle Bank Seniors in their last meeting 1-11, but the Lexington boys will try again with their in county neighbors this week on Thursday, June 13 at 8 p.m.

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