Fifth inning rally against Shelton/Gibbon gives Pinnacle Bank Seniors the lead and a win

LEXINGTON – The Lexington Pinnacle Bank Seniors hard work has finally paid off with a win. The boys in orange and black claimed their first win with a big fifth inning rally, 6-2, to earn their first win since the season opener with Overton.

Lexington was down by three runs, 0-3, when they took the plate in the bottom of the fifth inning. Efren Aguirre started the run rally with two outs and bases loaded. With a hard ground ball to short stop, Aguirre batted Anthony Rodriguez in for the Pinnacle Bank Seniors’ first run.

Next at bat, with bases loaded, Vinny Leibert followed Aguirre’s example with a grounder to short stop. The Shelton/Gibbon infield couldn’t pick an out and in the confusion, John Howard and Draake Taylor ran home for a tie game, 3-3.

With Aguirre poised in scoring position on second and Leibert behind him on first, Mason Tilford took the plate for the Pinnacle Bank Seniors. Tilford wasn’t choosy, selecting the first pitch for a fly ball, deep into left field. As the ball hit the ground and was recovered in the outfield, Aguirre and Leibert rounded third and powered over home plate for two more runs while Tilford, with a double, did a dance on second base.

Lexington took the lead, 5-3.

After the line-up had gone full circle, Rodriguez took his second at-bat of the inning. Tilford scored on a passed ball, giving Lexington their sixth run of the game.

The Pinnacle Bank Seniors held the Shelton/Gibbon boys at the plate for the remainder of the game. With a scoreless sixth inning and a quick three outs in the top of the seventh, the game came to a close and the Seniors saw their first win since the season opener.

“It feels like it should,” Lexington head coach Vince Leibert said with a smile after the win. “It’s not the only time we’ve ever won, but we’ve had a bad streak so it feels good for these guys to get a victory.”

Leibert pointed out a big game changer for the Pinnacle Bank Seniors in the game. The score gave them the win, but it wasn’t what earned the win.

“More importantly to us on the scoreboard there were zero errors,” Leibert clarified. “That’s been our Achilles heel. We have zero errors, we win the game.”

Leibert also mentioned that the six-run rally in the bottom of the fifth with two outs was huge for the Lexington boys.

“The guys had a nice rally and put up some runs to back up a pitcher that had a heck of a game today,” he said. “That’s what it takes for us to win.”

When picking an MVP for the game with Gibbon/Shelton, Coach Leibert had to go with his pitcher, Daniel Kuefner.

“He didn’t allow a whole lot of options for them on the base pass,” he said of Kuefner’s performance. “It made it easy for us to play defense, struck some guys out, game them fewer opportunities and he had a defense behind him today.”

Leibert also made a case for honorable mention, Anthony Rodriguez.

“In the Juniors and Seniors games, that kid hit the ball like nobody’s business, today,” Coach Leibert said of Rodriguez. “For a guy who, a week and a half ago, wasn’t hitting the ball and went five-for-five at the plate between the two games he’s on it.”

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