Jaxon Fagot

Lexington catcher, Jaxon Fagot, leads off of first base in Tuesday’s game between the Lexington Pinnacle Bank Seniors and the Holdrege First State Bank Seniors.  The Lexington boys fell in the final regular season game, 5-6.

LEXINGTON – The Lexington Pinnacle Bank Seniors hosted Holdrege for their final game of the regular season on Tuesday, July 16. Lexington battled with the Holdrege boys and lost, 5-6, with a late Holdrege score in the top of the seventh inning.

Holdrege took an early lead in the top of the first inning, scoring one run. The Pinnacle Bank Seniors responded in the bottom of the inning with two runs of their own, scored by Efren Aguirre and Draake Taylor.

The game went scoreless until the top of the third when the First State Bank Seniors rallied four more runs to take a 2-5 lead on the Lexington boys. Lexington responded to the runs in the bottom of the fourth inning with three runs, scored by Anthony Rodriguez, Draake Taylor and Mason Tilford. Lexington brought the game to a tie, 5-5.

The game turned to a defensive one in the top of the fifth inning and no runs were scored in the fifth or sixth innings.

In the top of the seventh inning, with one out and bases loaded, Tyler Johnston of Holdrege was hit by a pitch and John Christie scored a run to put Holdrege in the lead, 5-6. Lexington ended the top of the inning on a double play as Tayler fielded a ground ball, sent it to Jaxon Fagot at home, who made the throw to Jase Thorell at first.

Lexington took the plate in the bottom of the seventh, their last chance to take a lead or tie the game for extra innings. Holdrege pitcher, Seth Breinig , struck out three of four Lexington batters faced to end the game. Lexington fell to the First State Bank Seniors, 5-6.

“I think we’ll look past this game,” said Lexington head coach Vince Leibert after the game on Tuesday. “We’ve had a lot of chatter playing on Friday but not a lot of chatter about playing on Tuesday.”

With the regular season at a close for the Pinnacle Bank Seniors and the District tournament ahead of them, Leibert feels good about the players dedication and how they’ve grown in the 2019 season.

“Our teams this season have never quit,” Leibert explained as he looked over the dugout. “Most teams with a record like out Juniors and Seniors have, if you call a practice this late in the season you won’t have 20 out of 24 guys show up for practice. We do. They want to keep getting better, they want to keep playing ball. The records don’t show it, the scores are starting to show it in the last month, but they are turning the corner. These guys haven’t given up on me.”

Leibert says he intends to return to coach Lexington Legion Baseball next season.

Lexington’s District tournaments will be held over the weekend and into next week with the Juniors in Hastings and the Seniors in North Platte.

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