LEXINGTON – After both games between the North Platte First Nationals and the Lexington Pinnacle Bank Baseball teams had been postponed due to rain, they found a perfect night to split the difference and play all four games in one night. The First National Seniors would travel to Lexington to take on the Pinnacle Bank Seniors while the two Juniors teams would meet for a doubleheader in North Platte.

The Lexington Seniors held their own in both games against North Platte boys, ultimately falling in both games after seeing a bad inning, allowing the First Nationals to take a lead.

North Platte took an 0-5 lead in the first game after putting up 5 runs in the top of the second inning. The Pinnacle Bank Seniors responded in the bottom of the third with four runs of their own. The fourth and fifth innings were quick with no runs.

In the top of the sixth the First Nationals put up another seven runs to take a 4-12 lead over Lexington. Pinnacle Bank was unable to answer in the bottom of the inning and North Platte took the win.

The second game of the night began with an 0-1 North Platte lead that spanned from the bottom of the first to the top of the fourth when the Pinnacle Bank boys took a brief lead, putting up two runs. North Platte recovered the lead in the bottom of the fourth, scoring five runs to take a 2-6 lead, but the Pinnacle Bank boys weren’t out just yet.

John Howard, Draake Taylor, Mason Tilford and Austyn Stewart scored one run each in the top of the fifth inning to tie the game with North Platte, 6-6.

The First Nationals powered ahead in the bottom of the inning, scoring five runs for a 6-11 lead. Both teams turned up their defenses for the remainder of the game and the First nationals took the victory in the second game, 6-11.

The Lexington Seniors are still grinding the gears to find the fit, but individual aspects of the game are coming together for them. Lexington had fewer errors than the First Nationals and recorded more hits than North Platte in both games.

In an interview after the game Coach Vince Leibert talked about their courage at the plate as being a part of their performance he was happy with.

“They swung the bats,” he said. “In the second game, we dug out of two holes and had a lead for a little bit. They’re starting to rally around each other.”

Coach Leibert picked two MVPs for the games with the First Nationals saying, “Jaxon Fagot because he cares about the team and shows it every game and John Howard because he sprinted the balls and laid out twice.”

The Lexington Pinnacle Bank Seniors will take a trip to Chappell, Colo., set to face the Buckley Bombers on Sunday before taking to the road for a doubleheader in Elwood with the Elwood-Eustis Bulls on Tuesday, July 2. Games start in Elwood at 5 p.m.

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