MCCOOK – The Lexington Legion Baseball teams traveled to McCook on Wednesday this week and, despite two losses, gave a good show for fans that traveled. The Pinnacle Bank Juniors took their game with McCook long, going into the ninth inning before taking a 9-10 loss; The Pinnacle Bank Seniors dropped their game with McCook, 0-7, after battling hard with a solid McCook team.

The Pinnacle Bank Juniors gave an exciting performance in Wednesday’s game with McCook after putting up two seven runs in the first two innings while holding McCook from scoring for an 0-7 lead. Lexington then gave up four runs in the bottom of the third inning and five runs in the bottom of the fourth, allowing McCook to take a 7-9 lead.

In the top of the seventh, the Pinnacle Bank Juniors were able to even the score, scoring two runs, and held McCook in the bottom of the inning. Lexington took McCook into long, emotional innings.

McCook had found themselves in scoring position a couple of times in the bottom of the seventh and eighth innings but Lexington’s persistence and hard work held them, including an impossible line drive catch in right field by Noah Converse to save the Pinnacle Bank Juniors and end the eighth inning.

Ultimately, the Juniors lost with McCook scoring a run in the bottom of the ninth inning and the game ended, 9-10.

The Pinnacle Bank Seniors had a rough first two innings against the McCook Seniors, giving up two runs in the first inning and another two in the second. Their fielding game improved in the third but the Pinnacle Bank boys were unable to answer McCook’s four runs at the beginning of the game.

“That was a competitive game against a good program,” said Lexington head coach Vince Leibert after the game. “It was a four-to-nothing game until we let it get away from us at the end.”

In the bottom of the sixth inning, the Lexington Seniors gave up three more runs before retaking the plate. Like most of their at-bats, Pinnacle Bank Seniors were just unable to get any forward motion on the bases.

The early runs, given up by Lexington pitcher Vinny Leibert, were due to strain on the arm. When the coaches discovered the trouble, they put Daniel Kuefner on the mound. In trying to speed things up, the Pinnacle bank seniors found that the McCook Seniors can connect with the fastballs in a big way.

“To try to generalize, we tried to work quickly and McCook can hit a fastball really well,” Coach Leibert explained. “That’s what got them the three runs in the end.”

Despite the loss, the Pinnacle Bank Seniors seemed in good spirits after the loss to McCook.

“The guys are positive,” Leibert said of the team’s morale. “They’re doing good, they keep their heads up, they’re learning and we’re improving, Our errors per game are continuing to drop and with that our run differentials will continue to narrow.”

Coach Leibert made sure to point out that the scoreboard is the only negative reflection of Wednesday’s game in McCook; that the game, on paper, looks worse than the team that played that night.

“There’s not a lot of negative about this game except the scoreboard,” he said in closing. “Eventually, those will come.”

The Lexington Pinnacle Bank Seniors will be back on the field at home on Sunday, June 23 when they host York at 4:30 p.m.

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