LEXINGTON – Meeting with conference opponents, the LHS basketball teams hosted the Holdrege Dusters on Thursday this week. The Minutemaids held their own with the Holdrege girls during regulation time to take the game into overtime, but ultimately fell at the end of the overtime period, 40-47. The Minutemen took a small lead over the Dusters before halftime and came back from the break for a strong finish to win the game, 59-32.

After the conclusion of the boys game, the feelings from the Minutemen and the coaches appeared to be mixed. Minutemen head coach Zach Jones expressed that he and the team weren’t completely happy with the win, as they felt they could have done better in the first half.

“We weren’t able to push as much as we’d liked to in the first half,” Jones said. “I think, defensively, in the second half we did some good things. We kept them off the offensive boards, which was one of our goals.”

Lexington matched the Dusters at 15 points at the end of the first quarter and pushed to an eight point lead before the halftime buzzer, going 16-8 in the second. The orange and white’s defense got stronger as they neared the end of the game, scoring 13 points in the third and holding the Dusters to six. The Minutemen sealed the deal scoring 15 points and effectively shutting down the Holdrege offense to just three points in the final quarter, and claimed the 59-32 win over Holdrege.

Lexington junior Nick Saiz led the Minutemen in scoring with 20 points with Senior Kaleb Carpenter behind him with 12. Saiz and Carpenter each had seven total offensive and defensive rebounds, leading their team with Agany Donato close behind with six.

The Minutemaids started the game competitive with the lady Dusters, edging their Holdrege opponents 9-8 in the first quarter. They advanced slightly in the second, scoring 11 over the Dusters’ nine before the halftime break for a first half total of 20-17.

Holdrege came out strong in the third quarter, however, and put 15 points on the board over Lexington’s 11 to edge a 31-32 lead on the ‘Maids as they headed into the fourth. Minutemaid junior Maddi Sutton closed the gap, scoring six points while the Dusters held a close game on free throws for a 37-37 tie at the end of regulation time.

Sutton scored another two in the overtime period while freshman Cordelia Harbison landed one free throw to give the Minutemaids three points in the four minute overtime period. The Dusters found 10 paints total in overtime, five of which on free throws, to take a 40-47 win over the Minutemaids.

“The way we lost the game is what hurts the most, I didn’t put the girls in a position to close the game out,” Minutemaids head coach Robb Koerting said after the game. “Don’t take anything away from the kids, they play hard. I’ll think of a way to start closing these games out for us down the road.”

Leading the ‘Maids in scoring were freshman Sarah Treffer with 18 points and junior Maddi Sutton with 10 points.

The Lexington teams will have another conference match against the York Dukes on Saturday, Dec. 8. The 1-3 Minutemaids will face off with the 2-1 York girls at 5:45 p.m. in York; the 3-1 Minutemen and the 2-0 Dukes will follow at 7:30 p.m.

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