Minutemen claim win over Wahoo Warriors, 78-64; drop game with Wahoo Bishop Neumann, 46-55

WAHOO - The Lexington Minutemen added a mark to both sides of their record over the weekend, gaining the seventh win and their second loss, competing in the Wahoo Holiday Tournament over the weekend. The Minutemen claimed a big 78-64 victory over Wahoo Public on Friday, Dec. 27 and fell in the last half of their game with Wahoo Bishop Neumann in a low scoring game, 55-46.

The Minutemen established the foundation of their win against the Wahoo Public Warriors in the first quarter of the game, extending to an 11 point lead out of the gate, 17-6. While the Warriors made an attempt at a comeback to even the score before the half, they gained little ground by putting 23 points on the board over 22 for the Minutemen. Lexington enjoyed a 10 point lead as the took to the dressing rooms for the halftime break, 39-29.

The Orange and Black answered the Warriors’ second quarter offensive by extending their lead to 16 points before the start of the fourth quarter, 54-38. The final quarter saw the two teams pound away the points from pillar to post with Wahoo taking the edge with 26 points over Lexington’s 24. Again, the Warriors were unable to recover from their first quarter deficit and fell by 14 to the might of the Minutemen, 78-64.

As Bishop Neumann had defeated the Seward Bluejays in an earlier matchup on Friday, 56-34, the Minutemen would face the Cavaliers in the tournament championship on Saturday.

The Lexington boys were consistent, scoring wise in the first half with the Cavaliers in the championship match. They scored 13 points over Bishop Neumann’s 10 in the first quarter and 13 over 12 in the second, taking a 26-22 lead at the halftime buzzer.

Bishop Neumann continued their trend after the break, however, and their score grew each quarter to exceed the Minutemen’s effort. The Lexington boys faltered in the third, scoring just five points, while the Cavaliers surged ahead, scoring 14. Bishop Neumann had taken the lead to start the fourth quarter, 31-36.

The Minutemen gave their best offensive effort of the game in the final eight minutes, scoring 15 points, just shy of the Cavaliers’ 19. The Minutemen fell to the Wahoo Bishop Neumann boys, 46-55, taking second place in the holiday tournament.

The Minutemen will see one more game on the road before a long run of games at home on Coach Carpenter Court. The Minutemaids will join them in an excursion to Adams Central High School to skirmish with the Patriots on Friday, Jan. 10. Games are set to begin at Adams Central at 6 p.m.

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