An interview with Lexington basketball coaches

LEXINGTON – The Lexington basketball teams are in the gyms and putting together the start of another season. Both programs have seen improvements in the 2018-19 season and both are looking to continue that trend. The Lexington head coaches agreed to interview after practice on Monday, disclosing what parents and fans can expect from the coming months on Coach Carpenter Court.

“I think last year was a vast improvement from years past,” said Lexington girls head coach Robb Koerting in an interview after practice on Monday. “We didn’t quite get where we wanted to go, though. I thought we had a few more wins in us and maybe a deeper post-season run, but it was exciting to go through.”

The Minutemaids lost few seniors last season. Koerting feels that it will go a long way toward a new season for the Minutemaids.

“The loss of Courtney Hanson is going to be a big-time hole to fill,” Koerting said in recollection of his previous starting line. “We do have four of our starters and three of our top four scorers back this season. That excites me, from a coaching standpoint, knowing that we have some experience coming back to the floor and a lot of big contributors from last year’s season.”

With a big improvement in the ‘Maids’ performance, Koerting says little will change in the game-plan but the key is in the details.

“I think we had an effective game plan as far as what we want to run, what we want to do and how we want to dictate the game,” Coach Koerting said of his team’s transition into the new season. “Right now we’re working on execution, fine tuning, making sure the girls understand that it has to be done correctly every time. Every trip down the floor has to be the best trip down the floor. Obviously, we’re not going to be perfect in every aspect of the game but if we strive for that and fall just a little bit short we’ll still be in a good spot.”

Koerting gave a statement on his general feeling for the 2019-20 season, and his outlook from the head coach position is positive.

“I’m really excited from what I’ve seen so far,” Koerting added. “It’s early in the season and we haven’t seen any competition, yet, but the girls that are returning haven’t missed a beat from where we ended last season. That’s very encouraging.”

For the Minutemen, the 2018-19 season ended 15-10 after a loss to Omaha Skutt Catholic in the district final. The Lexington boys’ head coach feels that this is motivation for his team this season.

“I think we were all a little disappointed that we fell a little short of our goal of making it to state,” said Coach Zach Jones, head coach of the Lexington Minutemen. “We played in the district finals and we played pretty well, but I think that this group knows that each one of these games counts a lot. If a few games had gone a little differently, last season, and we would have been hosting instead of traveling all the way to Omaha Skutt.”

With a good nucleus of returning players in their senior class, Jones feels that the memories of last season will be beneficial in driving the Minutemen this season.

“I think the intensity level and the standards set by the upperclassmen and the coaches are a lot higher this year,” Jones said. “We’re expecting a higher level of performance from frustration, but it’s good frustration because everyone just wants to get better.”

The Minutemen are continuing in a positive direction, according to Coach Jones, by making changes to the team that are deeper than a playbook.

“We’ve been in the process, the last few years, of changing the culture,” Jones said of the team’s direction. “The old saying is ‘good teams are coach led while great teams are player led.’ We feel like we’re headed in the right direction with that as our seniors have taken a lot of ownership and have been keeping each other accountable.”

Both coaches were also excited for another important part of Lexington basketball culture; the fans.

“We appreciate the support at home and away games,” Koerting said. “The more they can come and support the girls and the louder they can be, I feel that the team really feed off of that. We truly appreciate the support.”

“We’re looking forward to fans coming to support us at our games,” Jones said in closing. “Right off the bat we start off with a great home game against Ogallala. You’ll come and see a team that plays their hardest, that plays unselfish and that leaves everything on the floor.”

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