EUSTIS - The Hi-Line Bulls volleyball team hosted a conference triangular on Thursday, Oct. 3. Converging on the old Knights court in Eustis with the Bulls were the Elm Creek Buffaloes and the Pleasanton Bulldogs. Pleasanton won the night with two wins, while Elm Creek split, 1-1. The Hi-Line Bulls took two losses at the triangular.

Hi-Line opened the night with the Pleasanton Bulldogs. Hi-Line stayed with the formidable Pleasanton squad in the early part of both sets but were out-swung by the Bulldogs in the end. Pleasanton first gained their first set win, 18-25.

After trading sides, the Hi-Line girls barreled through the first 12 points, neck and neck, with the Bulldogs, 6-6. The Bulls then took a small lead and held on until Pleasanton was able to battle back and tie the set at 13. The Bulldogs didn’t stop there and took the leading edge of a point-for point battle and left the Hi-Line girls behind to win the second set, 17-25. Pleasanton won their first set of the night and remained on the court to welcome the Elm Creek Buffaloes.

Leading the Bulls in the game with Pleasanton were senior Hadley Martin with six kills and senior Katy Bartell with nine assists and three serving aces. Junior Kennedy Brell and Martin tied as leading blockers, each with two.

Pleasanton had a good warm-up with the Bulls as evident by making quick work of the Buffaloes in the first set, 25-12. The Lady Buffs didn’t lie down for the second set and made the Bulldogs earn it, taking them the distance. Pleasanton won the second match with a 28-26 second set, giving Pleasanton both wins of the night, 2-0.

The Hi-Line Bulls returned to the court to take their shot at the Elm Creek Buffaloes. Hi-Line claimed the first set, comfortably, with a 25-20 win. In the second set, Elm Creek took a strong 16-25 win to take the match to the third set. An evenly fought third set proclaimed the Buffaloes the winner, 23-25.

Hi-Line’s top performers in the game with the Elm Creek Buffaloes included Hadley Martin with 12 kills and junior Alivia Knoerzer with 14 assists. Katy Bartell led the Bulls, again, with 5 serving aces.

The seasons for the Fort Kearny Conference members at the triangular saw the Pleasanton Bulldogs end 18-1 for the season. The Elm Creek Buffaloes notched each side of their season’s belt, landing 11-7 and the Hi-Line Bulls rest at an equal 11-11.

Hi-Line will be back on the court on Thursday, Oct. 10 when they travel to Arapahoe. Games in Arapahoe will begin at 5 p.m.

Stat Leaders:

Hi-Line Bulls vs Pleasanton Bulldogs (18-25) (17-25)

Leading servers

Katy Bartel - 10/10 good/total serves, 3 aces, 4 points

Kennedy Brell - 4/4 good/total serves, 1 point

Alivia Knoerzer - 5/5 good/total serves

Hadley Martin - 4/4 good/total serves

Gretchen Hodge - 3/3 good/total serves

Taran Barrett - 7/8 good/total serves, 3 points

Leading hitters

Gracie Gibbens - 7/9 good/total hits, 4 kills

Kennedy Brell - 11/13 good/total hits, 3 kills

Hadley Martin - 18/20 good/total hits, 6 kills

Katy Bartell - 6/6 good/total hits, 2 kills

Alivia Knoerzer - ⅔ good/total hits, 1 kill

Leading blockers

Kennedy Brell - 2 blocks

Hadley Martin - 2 blocks

Leading setters

Katy Bartell - 28/29 good/total, 9 assists

Alivia Knoerzer - 24/24 good/total, 7 assists


Gretchen Hodge - 27/30 good/total digs

Hadley Martin - 18-21 good/total digs

Serve receiving

Gretchen Hodge - 19/20 good/total receptions

Katy Bartell - 6/6 good/total receptions

Hi-Line Bulls vs Elm Creek Buffaloes (25-20) (16-25) (23-25)

Leading servers

Katy Bartel - 15/18 good/total serves, 5 aces, 9 points

Kennedy Brell - 11/11 good/total serves, 2 aces, 6 points

Alivia Knoerzer - 9/11 good/total serves, 1 ace, 7 points

Hadley Martin - 5/6 good/total serves, 1 point

Gretchen Hodge - 7/8 good/total serves, 6 points

Taran Barrett - 4/5 good/total serves, 2 points

Leading hitters

Gracie Gibbens - 10/11 good/total hits, 3 kills

Kennedy Brell - 12/13 good/total hits, 4 kills

Hadley Martin - 36/37 good/total hits, 12 kills

Ansley Williams - 3/3 good/total hits

Katy Bartell - 11/18 good/total hits, 4 kills

Alivia Knoerzer - 7/7 good/total hits, 2 kill

Leading setters

Katy Bartell - 36/36 good/total, 11 assists

Alivia Knoerzer - 50/51 good/total, 14 assists


Gretchen Hodge - 43/47 good/total digs

Katy Bartell - 17/17 good/total digs

Alivia Knoerzer - 11/11 good/total digs

Serve receiving

Gretchen Hodge - 27/30 good/total receptions

Taran Barrett - 8/9 good/total receptions

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