KEARNEY - Lexington soccer faced a tough couple of games in Kearney earlier this week when they faced the formidable KHS Bearcats. The Kearney High girls and boys took both wins on Tuesday night, but it wasn’t without a fight from the Lexington players.

The Minutemaids fell 4-0, to the lady ‘Cats, but held their own under a constant onslaught.

The ‘Maids’ goalkeeper, Alyssa Winter, allowed four goals, but saved a remarkable 29 shots on goal.

Lexington girls head coach Keith Allen plans for the Minutemaids’ loss to Kearney to be a learning experience.

“Tough opponent against Kearney,” he began. “Moving forward, we’re anxious to take a look at the game film, learn to see what we are doing, so we can make some adjustments and grow. Playing fast opponents help build and make you better.”

In the Boys game, the Minutemen scored the first goal at the 33 minute mark when Bryan Aldana scored on a rebound. They held the 1-0 lead on the Bearcats until Carson Elstermeier scored a goal before the buzzer, with just 0.8 seconds left on the clock to tie the game at the half.

After Halftime, the game went scoreless until Royce Austen found the back of Lexington’s net for the Bearcats at the 74 minute mark, taking a 1-2 lead over the Minutemen. They held on to claim the win.

“This is high school soccer at it’s finest,” said Minutemen head coach Jess McHargue after the game. “I’m disappointed we lost, but I had so much fun with these kids.”

Coach McHargue felt that the loss wasn’t for a lack of effort, just a bad bounce in the favor of the Bearcats with the first half’s last-second goal.

“The way they played, the heart they had, we gave everything we had,” McHargue elaborated. “I feel like I say it every time in a tough loss, but there’s no way around it. In high school soccer, the way the ball bounces will dictate the game sometimes. That unlucky bounce at the end of the first half gave them their first goal.”

The Minutemaids came away from the game with KHS with a 3-3 record after the 4-0 loss and the Minutemen sit at 5-2 for the season. Lexington fans will catch the Lexinton soccer boys at home against York on Saturday, April 6 at 10 a.m.

The next scheduled games for both teams will be at the Conference tournament in York on Thursday, April 11.

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