Fall 14-53 in first round playoff game to Ashland-Greenwood

ASHLAND – In the Class C-1 first round of playoffs, the 14th seeded Cozad Haymakers traveled to Ashland to knock helmets with the third seed Ashland-Greenwood Bluejays. The Bluejays took an early lead and continued to run the score on the Haymakers to take a 14-53 win over Cozad.

The Haymakers scored one touchdown in the first quarter, but were outscored by the Ashland-Greenwood boys, 7-13. The Bluejays continued their effort in the second quarter, extending their lead with two touchdowns for 13 points to leave the Haymakers 19 points behind. The Bluejays had a big advantage going into half-time, 7-26.

The Cozad Haymakers continued to struggle in the second half, going scoreless in the third quarter under two more Ashland-Greenwood touchdowns for 14 points. The Haymakers fell further behind as the game continued into the fourth quarter, 7-40.

The Bluejays opened scoring in the fourth quarter with Ashland-Greenwood quarterback Hunter Washburn sailing a pass to Kyle vonRentzell for a 76 yard touchdown. Julian Brown’s PAT was good, putting the game at 7-47, in favor of the Bluejays.

Cozad responded with their second touchdown of the game with one minute left on the game clock when Alex Werner ran in a one yard touchdown to put the Haymakers up to 13-47. Saw Htoo’s PAT was good for the extra point and gave the Haymakers 14-47 with Ashland-Greenwood regaining possession.

The Bluejays responded to the Cozad touchdown with one more, with under a minute left in the game, when Julian Brown ran a 45 yard touchdown for Ashland-Greenwood. The Kicker missed the PAT, leaving the Cozad Haymakers to a 14-53 loss as the game clock ticked to zero. With the loss, the Haymakers’ bid for the state championship and their season ended. The Cozad season closed with a record of 5-5.

The Ashland-Greenwood Bluejays will continue in the bracket to play the 11th seed, Wayne Vikings on Friday, Nov. 8 at 8 p.m.

Sophomore Nolan Wetovick took the lead for the loss in the playoff game with Ashland-Greenwood, completing four of eight attempted passes for a total of 13 yards. Wetovick also led the Haymakers in rushing, 98 yards on 25 carries and scoring both of Cozad’s touchdowns. Freshman Cash Chytka followed him with 47 yards on 10 carries and sophomore Nathan Engel gained 25 yards on 15 carries.

Jacob Engel, a Cozad junior, led in receiving yards with 11 on one carry while junior Kaleb Pohl netted two yards on two carries.

Three Haymakers, Jacob Engel, Chytka and senior Nathan Breon, led in tackles, each with four. Breon recorded four solo tackles.

The Lexington Clipper-Herald staff would like to congratulate the Cozad Haymakers on a successful season and for their state playoff appearance.

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