LEXINGTON – Cold, cloudy and windy conditions were what mother nature had in store for the first round of the Class B-8 Sub-district tournament on Monday. The weather wasn’t enough to hold-up the players as they took the pitch, the boys teams taking the fields in Lexington while the girls tournament started in North Platte.

In North Platte, the no. 1 seed, North Platte, and the no. 4 seed, Scottsbluff, took the field at NPHS first where the North Platte girls put away a huge 8-0 win over the Bearcats. The Minutemaids, as the no. 3 seed, took the field with the no. 2 seeded Gering following the North Platte win and battled out 1-0 upset win over the Bulldogs.

In Lexington the no. 3 seed, Scottsbluff, took the western pitch at the Lexington City Soccer Complex against the no. 2 seeded North Platte Bulldogs. The Bulldogs took an early lead and despite a push by the Bearcats, were able to pick up a 4-2 win over Scottsbluff. The no. 1 seeded Minutemen went toe-to-toe with the no. 4 seeded Gering on the eastern field at the complex. While LHS made aggressive moves and started putting shots on the goal in just seconds of the game’s start, the game went scoreless for the first 27 minutes of play when Junior Casillas pounded away three consecutive goals for the Minutemen; two in the 27th minute and one in the 28th minute of the game for a remarkably fast hat-trick.

Casillas’ first goal was assisted by Bryan Aldana while his second was assisted by David Jimenez. His third goal was unassisted.

The Minutemen scored a fourth goal before taking a knee at the half, a goal scored in the 36th minute by Diego Martinez and assisted by Marvin Orozco.

The Minutemen continued to pound away at the Gering defense, giving the Bulldogs few possessions and the few they allowed were short lived. Gering’s line spent a majority of their time clearing the ball from their zone and taking some pressure off of their goalkeeper.

Lexington’s Josh Morales found the net just five minutes into the second half. Jesus Jimenez followed Morales’ goal at the 51 minute mark with a goal of his own, assisted by Brandon Perez.

Lexington’s seventh goal, a fourth goal by Casillas assisted by Davis Jimenez, was another easy, empty-net goal.

The final goal of the game, a second goal by Jesus Jimenez and assisted by Orozco, sealed the 8-0 win in the 57th minute.

The 8-4 Lexington Minutemaids will face off with the 15-2 North Platte lady Bulldogs at North Platte High School on Wednesday, May 1 at 6 p.m. central time for their sub-district final. The Minutemen, sporting an 11-2 record, battled with the 10-8 North Platte Bulldogs in the final at the Lexington City Soccer Complex on Tuesday, April 30.

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