Elite three at nationals

LHS lifters and coaches pose for a photo at the USAPL High School National Championships held in Alexandria, La over the weekend. Pictured: (left to right) Coach Jim Hoyt, Harol Molina, Mallory Olmstead, Fredy Velasquez, Coach Amber Burson.

Three Lexington powerlifters take a trip to Louisianna for national competition

ALEXANDRIA, La. – Three powerlifters represented LHS and their hometown at the USAPL High School Championships over the weekend and proudly returned home with some great accomplishments. All three Lexington lifters in attendance found a place among the best six lifters in each of their weight classes.

The USAPL championships are a little different from the powerlifting season that the LHS team competes in over the winter. The meets around the state follow the USAPL Rules but are unsanctioned competitions and do not require an entry fee for competition. The championships, however, are a USAPL sanctioned event and the lifters are tested for performance enhancing drugs.

For local lifters, Harol Molina, Fredy Velasquez and Mallory Olmstead qualified for the championships at a meet in Lincoln, earlier this year, in January. Molina competed in the same competition last year and took first place and, in defending his title, took second place this year based on tie-breaker criteria. When two lifters tie for a medal, the competitors are weighed and the lifter who weighs less is awarded the win.

“I can’t say enough about these three,” Lexington powerlifting Coach Amber Burson began in an email to the Clipper-Herald about the competitors. “But I can’t say enough about all of our lifters.”

The LHS Powerlifters have a record of taking meet champions or runner-up, regularly, at their winter season meets.

With this competition, Molina, Olmstead and Velasquez bring closure to their seasons. Molina took second place in his weight class while Olmstead and Velasquez took sixth in theirs.

The Lexington Clipper-Herald staff would like to extend congratulations to Molina, Olmstead and Velasquez as well as the rest of the LHS Powerlifting program on a successful season.

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