LEXINGTON – The LHS Minutemaids and Minutemen cross country teams hosted their Lexington invite on Tuesday, this week. No team scores were recorded at the event but the first 15 to cross the finish line at the event were awarded medals. The Lexington High School cross country teams and the Hi-Line teams were area schools included in the roster of 10 teams in attendance.

The Lexington Minutemaids finished seven runners in the top 15 of the race to earn medals. Kayla Barrios and Kennadi Ureste led the LHS girls in second and third place, respectively, with times of 21:42.04 and 21:57.38. Four Lexington runners packed well to take seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth places. Placing runners, in order, for seventh through tenth place were Marissa Garcia, Sabrina Converse, Jessica Virgilio and Janet Aguado with times, in order, of 23:05.88, 23:17.52, 23:47.73 and 24:18.74. Alexis Ureste was the last of the Minutemaids to finish with a medal, completing her run in 25:23.42 for 13th place.

In an email to the Clipper-Herald, Lexington head coach Sam Jilka seemed pleased with the LHS girls’ improvement from the Minuteman Invite.

“We performed much better than last week and packed well as a unit,” Jilka began. “The girls were very patient in implementing their race plan and after the first 1000 meters ran the hills very effectively.”

Coach Jilka had some individual comments about the Minutemaids and how they contributed to what he feels was a good day for Lexington cross country.

“Kayla and Kennadi looked much smoother and are doing a great job leading our team.” said Jilka. “Marissa Garcia continues to be that tough runner to step up. She will be helping the girls out tremendously this season. Sabrina Converse continued to run well, despite having the flu and gutted out a great race. To have Janet Aguado and Jessica Virgilio run a strong 5th, 6th position was very impressive and I was pleased that Alexis Ureste placed as a medalist. The Minutemaids are starting to make some progress which is nice to see.”

Finishing out front for the Hi-Line girls was Whitney Dickau. Dickau finished in 17th place overall with a time of 26:09.64.

For the boys, Lexington finished six runners in the top 15. Cyrus Rhea led the Minutemen in first place with a final time of 17:34.90 with Alexis Hernandez not far behind in second place with a time of 17:42.64. Yanni Vasquez filed in at the fourth place spot with a time of 17:52.79 and Sean Worthman followed him in sixth with a final of 18:03.26. Elmer Sotelo and Antonio Ventura rounded out the top 15 for the race in 13th and 14th place, respectively. Sotelo finished in 19:09.19 and Ventura was right on his heels at 19:10.89.

In his email, Jilka also praised the LHS boys for their improvement.

“We wanted to run more unified and the team responded better and we aimed to make small improvements to our overall goal,” wrote Jilka. “Both were accomplished and runners ran tough.”

Coach Jilka further explained the team’s performance, mentioning some standouts.

“Cyrus continues to do well to lead the team and ran one of his best races ever,” said Jilka. “He is gaining more confidence and is getting more aggressive which is great to see. Alexis and Yanni made more improvements to their races, which was encouraging and Sean Worthman ran a tough race staying within range. Our time gap between 1 and 4 was 20 sec. so that was a very good sign. We just need to get our 5th and 6th closer. Overall, I felt the boys ran the course well and our younger kids stepped up as they have during the season.”

For Hi-Line, Jordan Kranz finished 47th out of 99 finishers. Kranz completed his run in 22:24.21.

Full results for the top 15 in the varsity races are as follows:

Girls varsity results

1 – Gace Reiman of Adams Central (21:24.54)

2 – Kayla Barrios of Lexington (21:42.04)

3 – Lennadi Ureste of Lexington (21:57.38)

4 – Trinity Houchin of Axtell (22:32.48)

5 – ElsiAnna Rodewald of McCook (22:40.66)

6 – Samantha Rodewald of McCook (22:50.52)

7 – Marissa Garcia of Lexington (23:05.88)

8 – Sabrina Converse of Lexington (23:17.52)

9 – Jessica Virgilio of Lexington (23:47.73)

10 – Janet Aguado of Lexington (24:18.74)

11 – Grace Cappel of McCook (24:27.36)

12 – Shawna Wilkinson of McCook (24:50.76)

13 – Alexis Ureste of Lexington (25:23.42)

14 – Aubrie Erickson of Axtell (25:31.92)

15 – Katrine Bogardus of McCook (25:35.64)

Boys varsity results

1 – Cyrus Rhea of Lexington (17:34.90)

2 – Alexis Hernandez of Lexington (17:42.64)

3 – Lincoln Trent of Axtell (17:51.18)

4 – Yanni Vasquez of Lexington (17:52.79)

5 – Luke Bonifas of Adams Central (18:01.04)

6 – Sean Worthman of Lexington (18:03.26)

7 – Jaron Bergstrom of Axtell (18:37.18)

8 – Omar Tinajero of Wood River (18:41.14)

9 – Erik Graff of McCook (18:42.14)

10 – Reuben Barry of Adams Central (18:53.39)

11 – Brandon Tucker of McCook (19:03.97)

12 – Josh Hegwood of McCook (19:06.83)

13 – Elmer Sotelo of Lexington (19:09.19)

14 – Antonio Ventura of Lexington (19:10.89)

15 – Tristen Obermiller of Adams Central (19:14.29)

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