Hi-Line second baseman Bryce Reiners looks up at the Cozad batter after fielding a ground ball destined for right field.  Reiners made a calm throw to first base to earn an out in the Bulls’ first game with the Reds on Saturday, July 18.

LEXINGTON – The Hi-Line Bulls Legion baseball team went 2-2 over the weekend, earning some much-needed wins. Hi-Line split a doubleheader with Cozad on Saturday, July 18, taking a win in the juniors game, 10-0, with a loss in the seniors game, 3-13. The following afternoon, the Bulls traveled to take their turn with Hershland. The Hi-Line boys claimed a win in the first of two games, 15-7, and fell just short of a comeback in the second game for an 8-10 loss.

Hi-Line has consistently been just out of reach of some competitive games this season. Their strong late-game performance and unwillingness to give up have shown they can come back from a deep deficit in many games this season. Hi-Line had the chance this weekend to finish some games and take home the win.

“It feels great to finally win a couple ballgames over a weekend,” said Hi-Line head coach Keith Henggeler. “It’s what the players have been working hard to accomplish since last year. They finally got a taste of winning baseball games and you can tell they enjoy it.”

Henggeler explained that everything just came together for the Bulls to give them a pair of well-deserved wins, considering the work they’ve put in.

“Our kids finally had something click and found the bats and played solid defense,” He indicated. “The hard work by the players, coaches and everyone involved is starting to show some positive results.”

With the Bulls in their second year of operation, there was plenty of room to grow from the first time the players set foot on the field. Coach Henggeler explains how he’s seen the team develop over the course of their two seasons.

“I see the growth in the players from a mental standpoint now,” Henggeler explained. “Last season, there were a lot of lopsided losses and they got down on themselves a lot. This season, they’re learning to battle back and keep fighting the entire game. Ben (Martin) and I try to teach that a big part of this game is being mentally tough and they’re starting to figure out what that actually means.”

Coach Henggeler made certain to request a particular member of the Bulls as part of their success this season.

“My assistant deserves a shout out. He’s done great things with player development this season,” Henggeler explained. “Ben has worked a lot with the new players on mechanics between innings and during games. Because we didn’t have many practices due to the pandemic, we needed to figure out how to get them to work as we continue to build this program. He’s been able to find a way to make that happen during games. The knowledge of the game Ben brings to this team is something the players need and can’t go without as we continue to build for the future. I’ve been fortunate to have him helping me out.”

For their next game, the Hi-Line Bulls Legion team will travel to Holdrege. The first pitch at the Holdrege field is set for Thursday, July 23 at 6 p.m.

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