LEXINGTON — The Orthman Community YMCA’s Transportation Celebration added its third year to the books this Saturday and is becoming one of the largest events the Lexington YMCA holds each year.

The Transportation Celebration is intended to give children a chance to view vehicles, equipment and other implements they may see on the road or at work and get to view them up close and personal, said CEO Riley Gruntorad.

“It gives them a chance to let their imaginations soar,” he said.

This year there were 34 vehicles on the tarmac at the Lexington Regional Airport for children and their families to view. There were 30 different businesses and other organizations represented at the Transportation Celebration.

The YMCA keeps adding more organizations and vehicles to the transportation event

Gruntorad said some new things this year included the Nebraska Department of Transportation, who brought down a truck with a snow plow. The Army National Guard brought a logistics truck and a Humvee. Orthman Manufacturing brought a truck with one of their implements on the back.

In addition to adding vehicles, Gruntorad said they also enhanced the event with more food and drink options. This year Madeline’s Café and Bakery sold food items and a Coke trailer was donated to the event.

One new offering which proved, “very popular,” was a trackless train operated by RockIT Event Pros, based out of Kearney, said Gruntorad.

This year there were around 550 people who attended the event, Gruntorad said the Transportation Celebration is becoming, “our biggest, most impactful event of the year, it’s a great thing for the YMCA.”

Another goal of the event is to draw a spotlight on all of the different businesses and organizations. Gruntorad said those present contribute back to the YMCA and said this is a way for the YMCA to support these organizations.

“We want to thank everyone who was a part of it,” the YMCA said in a social media post, “Vendors, spectators, airport personnel, staff, family and friends.”

Gruntorad thanked everyone who came out to the event and said plans are already being discussed for next year’s event.

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