Tyson’s planned water treatment facility passes Planning Commission

Tyson plans to build a private waste water treatment plant to help supplement their existing lagoons.

LEXINGTON — Tyson plans on building a new private water treatment and storage facility to the east of the plant’s location to enhance their water treatment process at the existing facilities to the southeast.

City Manager Joe Pepplitsch told the Planning Commission Tyson is planning to build the facility at 801 E. Prospect Road. The process will take agriculture type waste and run it through a water treatment process, the facility would have zero emissions, he said.

A third party will operate the facility, Pepplitsch said. The process will be different than their mechanical systems at their existing water treatment facility, but the new process and facility will be an enhancement.

“It’s a pretty big deal for them long term,” said Pepplitsch, “We support their efforts.”

Before the water treatment facility can be built, the property had to be rezoned from M1 Light Industrial to M-2 Heavy Industrial. Pepplitsch said the change in zoning is consistent with the area and it, “seems to be no big deal,” to rezone.

The permit for the facility and the rezone was approved unanimously by the Planning Commission. According to the permit paperwork, the public hearing in front of the City Council for both the permit and rezone will take place on Sept. 9.

During the roundtable discussion Development Service Director Bill Brecks said a permit for an automotive services business located on E. Pacific Ave will be on the agenda in October.

Pepplitsch said he wants to go over the comprehensive plan with the Planning Commission which was last looked at seven years ago. The goal is to “see where we are at as a community,” Pepplitsch said, “We think there has been good progress.”

The city also plans to close a hole which was created when the Northeast subdivision was created, and old substation site is not part of any other subdivision and this will be rectified soon, said Pepplitsch.

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