Stolen State Patrol vehicle

An unmarked Nebraska State Patrol vehicle is prepped for towing near mile marker 253 on I-80 after it ran off the road into the north ditch following a 30-mile high speed pursuit. The vehicle was stolen when an investigator stopped to offer assistance at the site of a crash.

KEARNEY — Nebraska State Patrol troopers chased one of their own cars during a 30-mile pursuit Wednesday that left the female suspect, believed to have stolen the car, driving on four rims.

Tori Lynn White, 24, of Chariton, Iowa, is accused of driving under the influence of methamphetamine when she allegedly took a NSP investigator’s unmarked car one mile west of Gibbon on Interstate 80.

Buffalo County Court records outline the case against White:

Around 3:30 p.m. the State Patrol investigator stopped to assist motorists in a crash where a Pontiac G6 struck a semitrailer. When the trooper went to check on the occupants a woman, later identified as White, got out of the Pontiac, entered the unmarked car and fled the scene heading west.

The investigator radioed nearby troopers for backup who pursued the car at speeds ranging from 60 mph to 109 mph. The car continued west recklessly, rear-ending another uninvolved vehicle.

At the Kearney interchange a trooper deployed stop sticks, which flattened the passenger side tires. However, White continued to drive west on I-80 recklessly, in both lanes of traffic.

A second set of stop sticks were deployed at the Elm Creek interchange, which flattened the driver’s side tires, although White continued to travel west on four rims.

Court records say a trooper attempted a tactical vehicle intervention technique on the unmarked car. However, the car continued west until White lost control of the vehicle and went into the north ditch four miles west of Elm Creek in Dawson County, and was apprehended. A TVI is when a law enforcement officer bumps a fleeing vehicle in an effort to cause it to safely spin out.

The investigation revealed White had earlier used meth, according to court records. White was transported to CHI Health Good Samaritan where her legal blood was drawn. She then was taken to the Buffalo County Jail.

As of Thursday afternoon White was waiting to appear before a judge for her initial court hearing.

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